• Streaming in the 2020s—an industry comes of age

    Streaming in the 2020s—an industry comes of age

    There will be a diverse, competitive, and dynamic streaming industry, closely integrated with the wider media and entertainment market. Streaming services will routinely complement and provide additional optionality for TV…Read More

  • A Game Changer for the Broadcasting Sector

    A Game Changer for the Broadcasting Sector

    A cloud-based system makes it easy for operators to create their own distribution network. The broadcaster of the future will consist of operational control panels connected to the cloud, where…Read More

  • New Era of Digital Broadcasting

    New Era of Digital Broadcasting

    Industry is working toward searching for efficient and, cost-effective solutions to do more with less. In coming years, technology advancement will enable content owners, aggregators, and distributors to reinvent their…Read More

  • A Landscape of Opportunities

    The world is rapidly shifting from analogue to digital, and in this fast-paced society, organizations must keep up. Users are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis…Read More

  • The IP Video Evolution

    IP has been the core foundation for networking and data transfer for decades. In the wider world, the vast majority of files, audio and video, all routinely utilize IP. Even…Read More

  • System Integration

    System Integration

    As the broadcast sector continues to be in a transition phase, and constant upgrades are taking place, it is the systems integrator who ensures that all the systems work seamlessly…Read More

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