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  • Content Viewing Is Transforming

    Content Viewing Is Transforming

    Streaming video blasted beyond the tipping point in 2018 and will command even more attention this year, but challenges lie ahead in the struggle for viewers’ eyeballs and pocketbooks. The…Read More

  • Making the digital media transformation

    Making the digital media transformation

    Digital has become so important that the boundary between the media and technology industries has broken down. Business leaders are constantly positioning their enterprise for success in an era of…Read More

  • Can Video Compression Tame the Internet?

    Can Video Compression Tame the Internet?

    There is a huge shift in viewing of media (TV and movies) from traditional distribution outlets (cable, satellite, broadcast) to the Internet, including both fixed and wireless as well as…Read More

  • Revolutionizing the Broadcast Industry

    Revolutionizing the Broadcast Industry

    The proliferation of video content and screens today has given an impetus to the growth of motion graphics, which has found its way in various media platforms such as Internet,…Read More

  • The Digital Future Is Now

    The Digital Future Is Now

    Digital disruptors such as Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube have embraced the consumer’s love for video to fundamentally change the customer video experience. Broadcasters have no option but to recognize the…Read More

  • Turning Point for Content Creation

    Turning Point for Content Creation

    The digital video revolution has been vast. Unfathomable amounts of news, data, and content are at user’s fingertips and emerging technology is constantly reshaping the relationship between brands and consumers….Read More

  • An Evolving Video Landscape

    An Evolving Video Landscape

    As companies expand their OTT vision, it is clear it will continue to grow rapidly, offering opportunities for expanding audiences, content, and revenue – whether the needs are local, regional,…Read More

  • Enhancing Reliability and Performance

    Enhancing Reliability and Performance

    Broadcasters are willing to invest in technology that will seemingly reduce the cost of playout systems and decipher complexities while increasing accuracy in critical operations. Media and broadcast industry is…Read More

  • Video Compression

    Video Compression

    The critical need is to achieve better compression such that more channels or better resolution can be delivered over existing infrastructure The video compression industry is on the cusp of…Read More

  • Creating Content Legacy

    Creating Content Legacy

    CDNs ability to sense the availability of servers and accordingly divert content, helps online assets to be distributed across diverse regions. The result obtained is minimized latency, enhanced user experience,…Read More

  • India Continues Its Buying Spree

    India Continues Its Buying Spree

    Camera technology is quite advanced, and there may not be much scope for improvement besides 8K and 16 or 17 f-stops. That is the reason why the trend is toward…Read More

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