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  • H.264 Still Dominates Video Coding

    Fragmented support from browser and device makers is holding back advanced new codecs, according to Bitmovin. H.264 continues to dominate the video codec field, accounting for 91% of all usage…Read More

  • Transitioning to IP

    Transitioning to IP

    Television is moving to IP. However, whatever the economics, broadcasters are likely to take their time moving to SDN-based production/playout; in part because this paradigm shift will have such an…Read More

  • Hollywood’s rising star

    Hollywood’s rising star

    Why TV producers need to get with artificial intelligence, or get left behind. Why are media and technology companies like Netflix able to compete with the Hollywood studio establishment? One…Read More

  • Streaming in the 2020s—an industry comes of age

    Streaming in the 2020s—an industry comes of age

    There will be a diverse, competitive, and dynamic streaming industry, closely integrated with the wider media and entertainment market. Streaming services will routinely complement and provide additional optionality for TV…Read More

  • Broadcasting under lockdown

    Broadcasting under lockdown

    If there is any positive for the broadcast industry amid a worldwide crisis, it is this: COVID-19 has created an opportunity to stress-test distributed and virtualized workflows that stations and…Read More

  • The war of the codec

    The war of the codec

    Given each codec has different properties and that every broadcaster or pay-TV operator has different infrastructure and legacy systems, it is unlikely there will be any clear winner. Instead, there…Read More

  • COVID redirecting the workflow

    COVID redirecting the workflow

    The pandemic’s effect on newsrooms is already underway. It is accelerating the newsroom of the future. Technology is being used at the fingertips, and it is pushing the stakeholders to…Read More

  • COVID-19 Shakes Up Sports Broadcasting

    COVID-19 Shakes Up Sports Broadcasting

    If sports stadiums are forced to close their doors for a considerable time, they could weaken their allure to broadcasters. Would the sporting events be as good, or as popular,…Read More

  • Looking Ahead To 2020!

    Looking Ahead To 2020!

    What does the year ahead hold for the broadcast industry? From the continued pivot toward OTT, the impact of 8K, and the ongoing fight against piracy, these trends and many…Read More

  • Content Viewing Is Transforming

    Content Viewing Is Transforming

    Streaming video blasted beyond the tipping point in 2018 and will command even more attention this year, but challenges lie ahead in the struggle for viewers’ eyeballs and pocketbooks. The…Read More

  • Making the digital media transformation

    Making the digital media transformation

    Digital has become so important that the boundary between the media and technology industries has broken down. Business leaders are constantly positioning their enterprise for success in an era of…Read More

  • Can Video Compression Tame the Internet?

    Can Video Compression Tame the Internet?

    There is a huge shift in viewing of media (TV and movies) from traditional distribution outlets (cable, satellite, broadcast) to the Internet, including both fixed and wireless as well as…Read More

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