• Transitioning to IP

    Transitioning to IP

    Television is moving to IP. However, whatever the economics, broadcasters are likely to take their time moving to SDN-based production/playout; in part because this paradigm shift will have such an…Read More

  • Liberalizing satellite communications in India

    Liberalizing satellite communications in India

    India lacks a comprehensive policy that simultaneously addresses the need for a dynamic commercial satellite communication system along with other strategic focus areas. India plays a leading role within the…Read More

  • Satellite antenna diversity

    As audio delivery expands from terrestrial transmitters to online and satellite delivery, reliability is always an issue. In this article by Ünal Isler of DEV Systemtechnik, we examine the best way to ensure…Read More

  • Broadcasting under lockdown

    Broadcasting under lockdown

    If there is any positive for the broadcast industry amid a worldwide crisis, it is this: COVID-19 has created an opportunity to stress-test distributed and virtualized workflows that stations and…Read More

  • Making the digital media transformation

    Making the digital media transformation

    Digital has become so important that the boundary between the media and technology industries has broken down. Business leaders are constantly positioning their enterprise for success in an era of…Read More

  • FM Radio Carries the Baton

    FM Radio Carries the Baton

    Countries all over the world are migrating from analog to digital terrestrial broadcasting in view of advantages offered by digital systems. Doordarshan (DD) and All India Radio (AIR) under Prasar…Read More

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