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What is not trending! Opportunities misused by content creators

Change is necessary; we want change in all aspects of life, starting from abstract thinking to tangible products. These changes are the result of the change in the choices. As people intellectually grow, unwillingly choices change. Coming to the entertainment zone, the choice of entertainment content has changed dramatically in the last two decades. What used to be a super hit in the 90s era, now we call it – it is trending – and what is not trending is not a super hit.

Technological evolution has blessed the media and entertainment industry with tremendous exposure and opportunities. There are numerous platforms to exhibit all forms of art. The best part is these technological upgrades are real-time accessible by common people and because of this content creators mushroomed on all sorts of digital platforms.

There are two types of content creators specifically for digital platforms; organized and unorganized. Unorganized are those people who create content single-handedly and post on YouTube, social media, and short video streaming platforms. Primarily they work alone and their core objective to get popularity and attract some brands to mint some money. As they work alone and there is a lack of formal training, they just pick their smartphone, shoot, and do the basic editing on mobile app with normal color correction and upload. People troll such content creators for being vulgar and serving the soft port.

Organized content creators, who get a high-value check, have a team of skilled and learned people, they do a good amount of pre- and post-production work’ and what are they creating? Are they not serving vulgarity and soft port with us? Organized content creators stream their content on major platforms, which are multimillion-dollar companies. Abstaining to name these platforms, pick any three major entertainment platforms and remove nudity, brutality, and foul words – what will you get out of that show? Around 75 percent of the content will have no space in the trending chart.

Most streamed content is music, all organized content creators who cater in music production – what are they creating? There is a recipe to make a trending song, two rhyming lines, pick words from any language which means they do not need to know the depth of any language, and sing on upbeat music set for 3x. If you want to add glamor to it, include slim girls (beauty is not necessary), international locations, expensive alcohols, and luxurious cars. Glamorous, trending song is ready.

There are very few organized content creators who are consonantly working to shift the trend. Rests are just following the trending content creating recipes and get into crime, suspense, and biopic. A new trend is promoting feminism with an overdose of insincere relationships and the freedom to consume intoxicating material. These creators claim to be innovative and bringing out-of-box ideas.

There are claims in the industry – viewers are loving it; therefore, content creators have been creating such content. Prima facie it seems right, but if you deep dive into the digital space, even Dhinchak Pooja was trending, people loved to watch a bulldozer digging, it was trending on YouTube for 15 days. Why do not organized content creators ask our superstars to sit in a bulldozer and sing a song? Let us come to some quality content, people like to watch international movies and web series how many content creators are striving to deliver that quality. There are numerous instances, which can establish content creators do not put efforts to think about content innovation, they just analyze what is trending and play a safe game.

This safe game and hunger for being on trending charts have a huge opportunity cost. Our whole generation is shifting to international content, which will be a huge financial loss for Indian content creators in the long run, who cannot understand or consume the international content, they are watching a good amount of filth or you can say learning, vulgarity, brutality is cool, even if it is not needed. This is not moral policing; what content creators should do or what should not. It is about understating the value of the opportunity, which we are getting because of technological evolution and its access to the masses and how we can benefit from it more efficiently.


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