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Innovations offer new possibilities to broadcasters

To be known by your name is delightful, but to be known by your work is respectful. Change is of essence – and I feel with every new change in our life a new journey begins that not only enriches our knowledge, but also our experience. I have been working for three decades in this industry and I strongly advocate that one never seizes to learn because with every new job come a different set of responsibilities.

The broadcast industry has been going through a lot of changes. At Enterr10, we are associated with multiple uplink partners for the uplinking of all the eight channels. In the next 12 months we are planning to consolidate all the channels to one single teleport and also moving the channels from MPEG2 to MPEG4. We are currently associated with multiple playout partners for running channel playout, which also needs to be consolidated to single partner so that operations can be smoother.

Today, innovations in technology offer broadcasters new possibilities in leveraging MAM to automate tasks that were hitherto manual. For instance, automation of rendering or re-timing of subtitles when versioning edits of masters are created and all possible using a single MAM solution.

Business being spread across locations the MAM needs to be planned for a multi-site environment that would cater to the business’s functional needs and provide a standard operating procedure to unify the content archival at all locations. Enterr10 has large quantum of legacy content and we are continuously creating new content.

We need to bridge the gap between the workflow for the old legacy media management with the new media format. The intent is to have a centralized repository content library for user access and syndication for the new media digital team as well as broadcast solutions, also need to manage metadata, multiple dub and subtitle files, and a host of other data that is needed for linear and non-linear playout. User has access to both legacy and new content. This requires end users to adopt a workflow so they are comfortable to find both New and old legacy content and also browse the proxy.

On the IT and security front a roadmap is designed to structure the communication between the technology department and the functional executives in a manner that allows the IT department to act strategically when making investment decisions and managing projects. Negotiate more effectively with leaders or staff who request new projects or initiatives that require significant, non-operating effort.

In all the cases, cybersecurity has been a major concern for organizations and COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant disruption. Security of the content has to be addressed with utmost priority as data is being used in more places, for more business purposes, and by more partners in the digital business ecosystem. Organization is planning on long-term IT changes, so we need to spend wisely, ensuring security whilst remaining agile, and getting more through prudent selection of technology solutions and partners.

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