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Vodafone: More fiber laid and faster uplink planned

Vodafone also closes the year with a look back at the fiber optic expansion, which enables the network operator to offer customers fast cable connections of up to 1 Gbit / s in the downlink. 1.5 million such connections were added this year. The uplink is soon to be increased in the first pilot projects.

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At the end of the year, the network operator had a total of 23.6 million connections that can run at the highest offered speed of 1 Gbit / s. The cable fiber optic network, as Vodafone calls its own network of fiber optic lines and cables over the last few meters, has meanwhile been modernized to 96 percent in order to be able to offer the high speeds. The modernization should be almost 100 percent by the end of 2022. In Germany they are by far the largest operator of a gigabit-capable infrastructure, explains Vodafone, and in 2022 Germany should offer the most gigabit connections in Europe.

More fiber for faster cable
Most recently, Vodafone has mainly consolidated the fiber optic network, i.e. upgraded amplifier points with fiber optics and thus created new fiber nodes. According to Vodafone, more fiber optic main distributors for direct fiber optic connections have been set up this year. The segmentation measures ensure that fewer cable customers have to share a node and thus a more reliable line with higher availability of the advertised speed is created for each individual or that the higher cable tariffs with 1 Gbit / s or FTTH access can only be offered in the first place.

Vodafone picks out Hanover and Wiesbaden for the past year, where extensive segmentation measures were carried out for tens of thousands of households. The fiberglass ring was reinforced in the Westerwald and several kilometers of fiberglass were buried in the Sylter Land. The company has also created additional bandwidth reserves in Heidelberg and Georgsmarienhütte with new lines. In the flood-affected Ahr Valley, Vodafone reconnected over 30,000 households to the internet with repairs to over 1,500 amplifier points and 104 fiber optic hubs.

Connect regions with fiber optics
Vodafone also names regions that have not yet been supplied. The group lists dredging work in 20 cities and counties for around 100,000 households, where the fiber optic network has been newly built or additional networks have been put into operation. These include projects on Rügen, Herrenchiemsee and in Montabaur. In 14 other regions, connections for 85,000 households are planned with the signing of contracts and the start of pre-marketing. In Gronau, 22,000 households are to receive gigabit connections in cooperation with the municipal utilities.

Uplink should increase in pilot regions
Faster downloads are one thing, but faster uploads are also often desired. The uplink has remained at Vodafone for some time at a maximum of 50 Mbit / s for cable connections. As early as the summer of 2020 there was a statement from the network operator that 100 Mbit / s roughly targeted could be ready for the market by the middle to the end of 2021. Opposite to Golem Vodafone spokesman Thorsten Höpken said that 100 Mbit / s in the uplink will soon be tested in the first pilot regions. 24

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