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Vision 2021

We, as a company, have always been driven by a vision to create content that can stand up to any benchmark. Be it storytelling, visualisation or the quality, the intent has been to build a seamless experience for the audience. In order to achieve that, we have always kept an eye on the horizon to optimise our production.

That being said, the last year did surprise us. We were forced to confront challenges that were not expected. We improvised and adapted as best as we could and with the support of the people, we managed to sail through. It did buoy us into delving deeper into the potential bottlenecks and the way forward for the future.

We have always realised the importance of technologies such as AR and VR, game engines, and MOTION CAPTURE amongst others. We have experience in AR and VR and have been developing our capabilities ourselves and with partners as we have always believed the new media to have immense potential.

The restrictions brought on to physical human-to-human interaction due to the pandemic was a major hurdle. In a creative industry, a single chat, talk or discussion can bring about an epiphany. Brainstorming sessions are the heart of creation. People sitting together creating magic-that was abruptly halted. We appreciate the options provided to keep the process going but the human element was reduced. We realised this and are working on virtual platforms to make the process more interesting and fun by introducing an element of personality to virtual meets.

The current animation production process is painstaking and extremely nuances owing to the many processes and effects applied to create the perfect seamless in-teraction. The multiple processes, human and machine, need to be optimised to better the results as well as increase the freedom for the creators- designers, artist, directors etc. To that end, we are working on developing and optimising our content production pipeline by introducing real time rendering using gaming engines.

Real-time rendering is interactivity. The images are rendered at speeds that are fast enough for a user to move around within the environment. Real time rendering is capable of displaying an entire CS environment at about 60 frames per second. This environment consists of lighting, textures and simulations. This is typically utilised in video games and Augmented and Virtual Reality applications by gaming engines. A game engine has to render images in real time as the entire premise is based on simultaneous interaction. Studios implementing real time rendering on an experi-mental basis are already reporting 30-50 percent savings in time as it provides the flexibility of performing multiple iterations during the production and simplifies the workflow from a loop to a linear process. We hope to be able to perfect the integra-tion and significantly better the result and reduce the lead time in the next 12 months.

Going ahead, we will also be turning our focus on VFX as well. As a sister industry, we believe we can build a robust process and further grow our capabilities as a content producer. The VFX industry provides us as creators to explore technologies and produce content with a lot more freedom. The content creation ecosystem feeds off one another and nurtures each other. Quite a lot of the elements coincide, and a lot of the thought process can be interchangeable applied. Our goal in the next year is to explore the possibilities that the VFX industry provides and how can we create an operation that can gain from the nuances of both the technologies. It is still at a nascent stage for us, but the intent is right, and we will try our best to successfully implement it.

The era of content thrives and we as creators need to make sure it is nourished and led along its growth by supplementing it with the newest of ideas; the warmest of stories; focusing on the best of humanity and bringing them to life by the best of technology. Each moment tells us something. It is upto us to create the stories to remember them by.

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