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VTVCab Doubles its OTT Channels with Etere

Etere extended its strong relationship with VTVCab, one of Vietnam’s largest pay-TV players. The station boosts its OTT capabilities with double the number of channels, driven by Etere technology.


Smarter, faster and easier. Etere’s market proven Over-the-Top (OTT) solutions empowers VTVCab to stay one step ahead of the content delivery evolution with an integrated software solution that manages the end-to-end OTT delivery workflow. Etere has been working with VTVCab since 2014. With the increasing demand for digital content, VTVCab has doubled its OTT channels with Etere as viewership increases and the broadcaster needed a highly efficient system to manage the complete distribution workflow. After a series of evaluations, Etere was selected for its efficient, unified and modular approach to managing multi-format OTT deliveries across platforms.

Etere empowers content distributors to build a strong foundation with a fully managed service spanning across the end-to-end workflow including content rights management, encryption, transcoding, transfers, workflow integrations, dynamic ad insertions, subtitling and closed captions. Etere Over-the-Top (OTT) Delivery is driven by smart workflow technology that provides automated transfer and transcoding capabilities to ensure your media file is compatible to the requirements of any OTT video delivery platform.

The OTT Advantage with Etere: Deliver Targeted Commercials to Enhance your Content Monetization Strategy
While OTT opens up a world of on-demand entertainment for viewers, it also introduces personalized advertising streams that are designed to increase customer retention and conversion opportunities. With Etere OTT Delivery, you can target your advertising according to viewers profiles, including having different advertisements for a single content. It allows operators to coordinate all playlists including urgent requests before playout. Etere provides a unified, modular solution for VTVCab that also enables the delivery of personalized commercials that are automatically selected based on matches from the viewers profiles. With advanced metadata analysis, the delivery of commercials can be targeted on multiple levels including geo-localisation, demographics, device type and media consumption preferences.

Etere SCTE-35 driver enables video content and targeted commercials to be stitched into a single stream. The system automatically detects the final data in SCTE-35 and matches it with the playlist data to ensure that the broadcast content is always in sync with that of the playlist. Subsequently, the video content and targeted commercials are stitched into a single stream to produce a seamless experience for the viewer. The system automatically detects the final data in SCTE-35 and matches it with the playlist data to ensure that the broadcast content is always in sync with that of the playlist. Etere gives you the flexibility to replace ads without re-authoring and re-encoding the media files.

Key Features
■ Integrated and modular system manages the end-to-end OTT delivery workflow
■ Deliver content to multiscreen OTT distribution systems that support a variety of viewing experiences across mobile phones, computers and smart TVs
■ Real-time monitoring of operations
■ Integrated reporting capabilities that provides real-time management insights on viewership, operations, performance and more
■ Unlimited video, graphics and content replacements, works seamlessly even for urgent requests
■ Maximum freedom to define all delivery conditions such as licensee, platform, metadata, asset(s) and workflow to be executed
■ One-stop access to manage content rights agreement which determines which platform the content can be transmitted
■ Integrated agenda tool enables the creation of reminders to be automatically delivered via email to departments across the enterprise
■ OTT Ad Insertion: Create multiple sub-playlists to be generated from the main playlist
■ Seamless duplication of orders


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