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Tata Sky Multi TV Connection Charges Gets Cheaper, DTH Operator Also Slashed Prices Of Channel Packs

When the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)introduced a new pricing regime, it did not specify rules regarding multiple TV connections by the same person under the same roof. As such, different DTH providers are taking different routes to price their second connection in a single home. While D2h has announced that it would charge Rs 50 as flat NCF fee from its subscribers for the second channel, Tata Sky has taken a different route which comes with a unique proposition and an entirely different pricing method as well. Last time, we looked at the multi-TV connection policy of D2h and this time around we will bring Tata Sky under the radar.

Tata Sky policy for multi-TV connections

It is worth noting that there is a big divide between how Tata Sky has decided to price its subscription for multiple connections versus how D2h has agreed to do it. While D2h will levy a flat fee of Rs 50 as NCF for other subscriptions over the parent connection, Tata Sky will base its pricing of the secondary TV connection based on the monthly rental paid by the subscribers for the original TV connection. To explain to you how the multi-TV connection pricing works for Tata Sky it is worth noting that in case your usage for the primary TV connection is up to Rs 200, then you will be charged Rs 150. By chance, your monthly consumption is between Rs 251 and Rs 400; then you will be charged Rs 300 for your secondary connection.

Similarly, in case your primary TV connection bill lands somewhere between Rs 401 to Rs 500 then the Multi TV connection will set you back by Rs 400. In case of your primary connection monthly rental landing between Rs 501 to Rs 625 or between Rs 626 and Rs 750, your charge for the secondary TV connection would be Rs 500 and Rs 600 respectively. Lastly, if the primary connection bill exceeds Rs 750, then the monthly rental for the multi-TV connection would be Rs 700.

Tata Sky channel packs price for secondary connection

If you are a Tata Sky with multiple connections then it also worth noting that for the numerous TV connections, Tata Sky will offer reduced rates for channel packs as well. As per the new rules for multi-TV connections, the Hindi Lite channel pack of Rs 295 will be available for Rs 150, along with the Hindi Basic Pack of Rs 334 which will be available for the same price. The Family Kids pack of Rs 365 will be available for Rs 200, Family sports of Rs 456 will be available for Rs 300, Family kids sports pack of Rs 464 will be available for Rs 300, while the Premium sports English pack of Rs 522 will also be up for subscription at Rs 300 for multi-TV connections. Do make a note that if a subscriber chooses the plans mentioned here, then the multi TV charges will be slightly reduced. Trai also asked DTH service providers to come up with special packs for multi TV users.

The same will be the case for HD channels as well since a lot of them will retail for less in the case of multi-TV connections. For example, the Hindi Lite HD with the original price of Rs 368 will be available for Rs 200, the Hindi Basic HD of Rs 449 will be available for subscription at Rs 300, the Family Kids HD pack of Rs 505, will be up in the portfolio at a measly Rs 300. The Family Sports HD pack of Rs 646, will be up for grabs at Rs 400, while the Family kids sports HD of Rs 672 and the Premium sports English pack of Rs 745 will each be available for subscription at Rs 400 and Rs 500 respectively.—Telecom Talk

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