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Streaming Video Alliance members Ateme, Broadpeak, Orange, Vecima, and Telefonica are first to demonstrate open caching interoperability in 2022 through testing against the SVA open caching API testbed

The Streaming Video Alliance (the SVA), a global technical association developing solutions to address critical challenges in delivering a high-quality video experience at scale, has achieved another industry milestone with its Open Caching Testbed Initiative. Ateme, Broadpeak, Orange, Vecima, and Telefonica demonstrated the capacity for their CDN solutions to be provisioned for streaming delegation within an Open Caching Network by exposing the SVA’s Open Caching API (server-side) in the testbed and showing correct operation between their systems and the testbed. The client-side of the SVA’s Open Caching API was provided by the Broadpeak umbrellaCDN™system. Testing commenced in June 2021 and concluded in December 2021.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate this most recent industry milestone for the interoperability testing – and it’s just the start,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at the Streaming Video Alliance. “We will be welcoming new participants to the testbed, both client- and server-side, and testing new features – like security and error cases – and new functions such as configurations and capacity insights. Our testbed initiative project group, led by Broadpeak and Telefonica, is doing an excellent job driving this initiative and will soon be publishing the Open Caching API Implementation Guidelines document.”

The SVA announced the availability of the first release in August 2021. The primary challenge the testbed solves is providing a way to demonstrate interoperability, based on Open Caching APIs, between different caching systems hosted by different companies within the streaming video ecosystem: content providers, CDNs, and Network Operators (ISPs). Through the collaboration of a content owner, a CDN, and a Network Operator, the testbed demonstrates a real-world Open Caching Network. But it also provides a means for other companies, wanting to connect to an Open Caching Network, to test against APIs developed in accordance with the SVA’s specifications. The testbed will continue to expand with new Open Caching APIs as they are codified from specifications documents.

The Testbed Setup for the Most Recent Interoperability Tests Included the Following Vendors:

  • Ateme as a downstream CDN (dCDN)
  • Broadpeak as a dCDN and an upstream CDN (uCDN) delegating the user requests to any dCDN
  • Disney Streaming acted as content origin
  • Orange as a dCDN
  • Telefonica as a dCDN
  • Vecima as a dCDN

“Open Caching has the potential to revolutionize the OTT industry – increasing the quality of experience for viewers, enabling fast and easy expansion to new markets for content providers, and opening up new revenue opportunities for operators. Having demonstrated the standard’s interoperability, we are excited to now be at the dawn of this revolution.” – Christophe Burdinat, Director, Technology and Standards, ATEME

“We started the testbed initiative with Telefonica in mid 2021 and achieved the first set of fundamental tests with three other members at the end of the year conforming to our plan. Keeping the momentum in 2022 with an ambitious test plan to pursue and new members to join, Broadpeak will continue to play the testbed cornerstone as long as required for the best of Open Caching.” – Guillaume Bichot, Director, Head of Exploration, Broadpeak

“We expect that Open Caching will constitute a common framework to ease interworking between content delivery systems. Orange supports and contributes to the testbed initiative in order to facilitate the interconnection of its CDNs with the content providers and its CDN partners.” – Chem Assayag, Director, Home Services Innovation, ORANGE

“Open Caching is a great opportunity for the entire video streaming industry to define a solution to allow the growth of our business in an efficient, scalable way and provide the best QoE to the users. For the success of this initiative, interoperability is key, so the testbed initiative spearheads the industry standardization in Open Caching.” – Francisco Cano, Head of Telefonica CDN Architecture, Evolution & Optimization, TELEFONICA

“Vecima’s early success with the Streaming Video Alliance’s Open Caching Testbed Initiative demonstrates our commitment to reducing delivery fees for over-the-top content providers and helping our operator customers manage the ever-expanding volume of over-the-top video traffic. With Open Caching technology, we can leverage our existing cache footprint of over 100 million subscribers to deliver significant value to content providers and improved satisfaction to millions of video subscribers.” – Kyle Goodwin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Content Delivery & Storage, VECIMA

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