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Strategy for India – 2018

The promising Indian market unlike other geographies is a fine example of plurality in all aspects; be it culture, creed, language, ethnicity, beliefs, or business viability. It is this very fact that corresponds directly to the customer preferences, which in turn becomes the key driving force that defines how the industry will metamorph and evolve to cater to a wider audience or viewers with varied preferences.

Evidently, the industry terrain in India has been progressive as opposed to linear. Aveco has successfully established itself as a market leader and marked a bold presence in India, this can be credited to an approach that is sensitive to market trends, non-rigid, and compatible with the needs and demands of the users.

Realizing the diversity and plurality present in the country, Aveco’s portfolio in India is varied to suit different needs of a plural buyer community such as channels, studios, production houses and MSOs, customizable to be able to suffice the requirements and integrate seamlessly with other third-party systems, cost-effective that make them an efficient and popular choice, and most importantly technology innovation which brings the latest technological advancements well within the reach of users.

While the above differentiators make us a popular choice, we have always been assertive of maintaining high benchmarks of quality and offering consolidated automation solutions to the users that ensure operating ease and seamless integration.

The team, at one time, manages installations at multiple locations across the globe, thus depositing hands-on global exposure and knowledge to their expertise. This percolates effortlessly to the user in more than one ways, most importantly, it elevates the knowledge quotient to a global platform. With more than 300 customers in Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa, Aveco has the technology and experience to deliver any workflow, to control any third-party device, and to provide media companies the reliability and 24-hour support Aveco is known for.

The Indian market as a whole is growing rapidly with existing players diversifying into newer business opportunities on one end while on the other end new players have emerged and continue to do so, the buyer confluence includes that of channels, studios, lone-standing production houses, MSO’s, consultants, as well as government entities, making the industry a multiverse of its kind with each subset endorsing a differentiated work synergy from another. While the above form multiple layers of the broadcasting core, what is important here to note is that the circle is ever expanding in its reach.

Our strategy is compounded upon meticulous understanding of the complex multi-layer, multi-player, plural expanse of the users whose interplay defines the reach of the audiences. Aveco, in the last three decades has carried the baton for quality and innovation forward, thus establishing itself as a market leader. Having gained the trust of all leading pan-India players of the industry, we intend to penetrate deeper into the market and focus more on regional opportunities that lay unexplored.

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