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Strategy for the Brodcast Market

The Indian media industry is also moving toward a different direction in terms of broadcasting, like other countries in Europe and Middle East. With new technologies like VOD & OTT, broadcasters are now focussing more on quality service to customer, in terms of content access anytime from anywhere.

So if we talk about strategy for the Indian market, the only best strategy would be to take care of user interest and provide them the best service, as the broadcast market is more of a service-based industry now.

Having said so, we also need to keep in mind that till today more than 70 percent of the population in India watch their content in a traditional way in their TVs through DTH connectivity. So if we think to take care of these 70 percent users’ interest, we need to work on the DTH platform and make it user interactive. This can be achieved by working on different layers of software in set-top boxes, which make it user interactive. This way broadcasters can know about the interests of their audience and accordingly generate more relevant content. As for example, after watching a TV show, the audience can submit their rating , likes, and comment via the set-top box. This way, not only the broadcasters , but also the advertising companies can get benefitted.

To take advantage of the latest technology and use it as tool for marketing, the broadcasters, production houses, and MSOs, should be well aware of these technologies and should be willing to invest in new technologies.

Broadcasting is all about a service now rather than creation and production. It is now fast and reliable service to customers, who can get the immediate access of content in an easier and cost-effective method. From every broadcaster focusing on giving best services to consumers, the manufacturers and vendors in the broadcast industry shall apply the same principle . This will again BE a strategy to make a product different from its competitors by adding value added services (VAS) to it.

In India, both international and domestic OTT players are driving the VoD market. Due to influencing factors like 4G connectivity, broadband reach, and digitization, digital video content in India is growing in popularity. Talking about the 30 percent of the Indian population, who are in metros and big cities, content access has become very easy for them. All broadcasters & production houses have different strategy for these 30% population. Android & IOS based applications are developed, which can be accessed from any handheld devices to watch content .

Global VoD players such as Netflix, amazon, yupp TV are making early in-roads with different strategies to capture the Indian market. Similarly Indian players like Hotstar and Sony Liv are following them. The key strategy of Indian players is to add regional content alongside international content that suits viewers from all regions of the country.

Summarizing, broadcasters may have different strategis for Indian market and their motive is the same – to satisfy customer interests and give them fast and reliable content access.

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