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nxtedition puts storytelling front and centre with its revolutionary story-focused production automation at IBC 2022

Broadcast microservices specialists nxtedition will showcase their powerful production solution at IBC 2022. Visitors to the show will be able to experience the agile and digital-first platform for themselves. nxtedition is built from the ground up, with storytelling at the heart of the production workflow, allowing even small teams to create and deliver highly compelling content fast, first and accurately.

By creating a densely feature-rich microservice ecosystem, nxtediton has consolidated sophisticated tools like planning, NRCS, ingest, MAM, graphics, streaming, studio automation and digital publishing removing engineering and putting storytelling rightfully at the centre. From sports shoulder broadcasting, building a news programme to posting on web and social or managing channel playout. Each member of the team has context aware access to exactly the functionality they need within the single unified GUI, ensuring all their tasks are intuitive and primarily handled by simple drag and drop features. This ensures lightning speed as content comes in, is turned around and pushed out without losing time switching to other applications. The speed and productivity gains from this approach ensures nxtedition clients are always the first notification on a viewer’s device.

What sets nxtedition apart is an internal system architecture built entirely of web technologies repurposed for broadcast, whilst using the switching, layering and realtime rendering power of CasparCG to guarantee unmatched image quality on COTS hardware or in public cloud. Users can log in from any location and access all the tools in nxtedition (both on-prem or cloud) for extremely high availability and business continuity.

“Our solutions bring greater flexibility and agility to live production environments making the process of creating and delivering content to any platform, from digital and terrestrial to social media, intuitive, fast and straightforward. We work with several mainstream broadcasters, but also smaller operations, such as niche channels, newspapers and content services for religious organisations; for our customers, the fast set up and ease of use is extremely attractive.” – Roger Persson, Sales & Marketing Manager.

The nxtedition solution contains all the elements required for broadcast, from ingest (baseband and IP) and transcode through asset management and archiving to delivery to multiple platforms, including repackaging news stories for social media. The fully virtualised architecture means that systems can be built to precisely match the individual workflow requirements, with the appropriate level of resilience and a large reduction in complexity that microservices bring; nxtedition takes responsibility for the glue.

This centralisation of content for the users allows more productivity and speed with the content to repurpose it for broadcast, OTT, digital, social, podcasts and radio. The result is that nxtedition is always fast, first and accurate. BCS Bureau

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