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cloudSwXtch integrates Timebeat’s precision time protocol to expand its capabilities in hybrid cloud environments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IEX Group, Inc., today announced the integration and deployment of Timebeat’s Precision Time Protocol (PTP) into cloudSwXtch, allowing for clock synchronization across hybrid cloud networks. The announcement closely follows the commercial launch of cloudSwXtch and adds clock synchronization capabilities to its groundbreaking cloud technology.

Computer networks trafficking high volume workflows rely on clock synchronization to ensure that data is received and processed in the correct order. Precision Time Protocol was developed to solve the problem of ‘clock drift’ and synchronize time signals within computer networks. While PTP is extensively used in on-premises networks, the global scale of the public clouds prohibits the deployment of hardware based PTP, leaving clock synchronization in the cloud to be poorly and variably implemented using some form of software network time protocol (NTP). The integration of the Timebeat PTP into cloudSwXtch adds standard PTP access to the hybrid cloud and hybrid networks, bringing cloud capabilities in line with on-premises networks. CEO Brent Yates commented on the news, “With this integration, cloudSwXtch now offers a precision time networking solution via Timebeat’s PTP technology. Companies are transitioning to the cloud at an increasingly rapid rate and this integration removes a major roadblock for industries that rely upon PTP to maintain clock synchronization. We continually strive to advance cutting edge technologies that assist companies in their transition to cloud infrastructure.”

Timebeat’s PTP plays a central role across media, entertainment, and financial systems as these industries implement standards for network backup and redundancy that require PTP. In particular, several regulatory regimes establish clock synchronization expectations, including: SMPTE 2110, applicable to the media and entertainment industries; FINRA regulations; and the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II, the latter two of which apply to the financial industry. The integration of PTP into cloudSwXtch can help companies shifting to a hybrid cloud model meet the applicable requirements. PTP in the cloud also has a number of applications for other industries, including industrials, government, service providers and more.

Ian Gough, Co-Founder at Timebeat commented, “We are proud to work with an industry leader like to bring high volume workflows to cloud. In an increasingly interconnected world, the transition to cloud infrastructure is timelier than ever. The integration between Timebeat and cloudSwXtch is a watershed moment in cloud networking technology that will benefit companies across industries.”

Since its founding, IEX Group, Inc. has been at the forefront of technological advancement. IEX has leveraged the success of IEX Exchange (Investors’ Exchange, LLC) to build out a robust portfolio of technology companies and offerings including cloudSwXtch from and Apperate from IEX Cloud.

cloudSwXtch is available today through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace. intends to add support for additional cloud platforms, including Google and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2023.

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