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Wurl launches machine learning-powered advertising platform

The provider of data-driven solutions for connected TV (CTV) says ContentDiscovery’s launch comes as an unprecedented number of streaming apps and channels have entered the market, making it increasingly difficult for streamers and publishers to attract new viewers. This it says, coupled with the introduction of new subscriptions and free services, has increased both competition for viewing and the likelihood of consumers cancelling services to switch to others.

Available immediatley in North America, and launching soon in Europe, ContentDiscovery is said to be able to find high-value viewers where they spend their time by promoting content they will want to watch across streaming apps and on mobile devices. This believes Wurl will drive strong conversion rates, high engagement, and increased retention – resulting in return on advertising spend (ROAS) never before seen on CTV.

Wurl says the technology will allow streamers and content publishers to target high-value users that are likely to have an affinity for a particular show and allow profitable scale with campaigns optimised for yield or down-funnel metric performance. Moreover, it is said to allow publishers to test specific ad concepts and automatically tune messages for optimal impact and track ROAS immediately with 100% measurable campaigns.

“The streaming industry’s number-one challenge today is cost-effective discovery – finding the right viewers, engaging them effectively, and retaining them with content they will truly like,” said Wurl CEO Ron Gutman. “With ContentDiscovery, we’ve built a solution for streamers and publishers to spend their advertising budgets on high-value users who will actually convert and continue to engage with their content.” Rapid TV News

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