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Will traditional cable TV disappear? Future TV development

Recently, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in his latest investor conference call that streaming is just in time and cable will be extinct in “5 to 10 years. Hastings (Reed Hastings) said in the latest investor conference call that streaming is just in time and that cable TV will be “dead in 5 to 10 years”. Notably, Roku also expressed the same view, Roku CEO Anthony Wood said last month that with the rapid development of streaming media, it is expected that all TV shows will eventually move to streaming platforms, and traditional cable TV will eventually disappear.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max have seen explosive growth in the past few years. More and more users are watching content on streaming platforms, or watching live Internet channels.

In regions other than Asia, the connected TV big screen is the terminal with the largest share of local streaming viewership. Asia’s OTT TV market has also seen the emergence of large-screen Internet platform companies led by Dangbei.

In 18 of the last 24 months, Hulu has added more new subscribers than Disney +, Disney’s flagship streaming platform. In each of the past six quarters, Hulu has added more subscribers than Disney+ in a single quarter.

Hulu’s subscriber growth has also led Disney management to feel pressure from investors to keep Disney + subscriber growth going.

Last week, there was also an error with Disney+, and similar errors have occurred before. For example, users often report Disney+ error code 142. The good news is that the Disney+ app is working fine and users can find fixes on sites like TVsBook.

In order to grab a higher market share, HBO Max, which was originally subscribed with Amazon, broke away from Amazon Prime. But this year, the epidemic dividend began to recede, the leading audio and video streaming media Netflix, the first to bear the brunt of the decline in the number of even subscribers back to a million, facing the largest loss of wave in history. This is when the news broke that HBO Max and Amazon Prime were back at the negotiating table with the intention of re-teaming. vizio smart TV has many users because of its affordable price, so many people want to know how to get HBO Max on Vizio smart TV.

Big screen services are the current trend, and many phenomena seem to be heralding the end of the traditional cable TV era. New smart TVs are also all providing new technology for new home entertainment habits, TVs are getting thinner and more people are willing to adopt wall-mounted TVs.

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