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Vonage introduces interactive broadcast with experience composer, powering large-scale interactive experiences

Vonage (Nasdaq: VG), a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has launched Vonage Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer to enable developers to quickly and easily create more engaging live events with the flexibility to capture dynamic sessions any way they choose to customize the experience.

The Vonage Video API has long offered the ability to compose video layouts for broadcasting and recording in real-time as the video conversation occurs, rather than relying on post-processing services with a much higher latency and lacking live interactivity. Real-time interactive broadcasts combined with composed cloud recordings has been a favorite use case for virtual events and education platforms.

“The pandemic ushered in the era of virtual meetings and they are here to stay. Over the past two years, the definition of virtual events has expanded as one size does not fit all and now includes company meetings, brainstorming sessions, marketing events or any other use cases that includes a large number of participants,” said Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst, ZK Research. “Vonage’s Interactive Broadcast and Experience Composer enables organizations to quickly create custom, virtual events that offer a best in class experience. It also includes a wide range of channels so participants can attend, collaborate, create and interact any way they like.”

Vonage Interactive Broadcast powers large-scale interactive experiences directly within websites and applications, and supports events with up to 15,000 participants interacting simultaneously in real time, plus streaming to an unlimited number of viewers with low-latency HLS streaming, and streaming to social platforms including Facebook Live,, YouTube Live, and more.

Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer can be programmed to include video streams, overlays, application UX elements and real time audience interaction, like chats, emojis, whiteboards, or any other user interfaces – there is no limit to the number of scenes and scene perspectives can include Metaverse elements. The Composer can then deliver the entire experience into a broadcast session to global interactive and live streaming audiences and this full experience can be simultaneously recorded to allow for immediate on-demand access when the event ends.

“Virtual events and experiences have grown and expanded rapidly to meet customer expectations and now there is a strong demand to capture these rich experiences and customer engagements for use on demand,” said Savinay Berry, EVP, Product and Engineering, Vonage. “Imagine a distributed group of scientists, or physicians or product designers, explaining a new idea using simulations, feedback tools, chat and whiteboards, in addition to videos of the speakers, and wanting to easily share all of these elements with tens of thousands of engaged audience members. Vonage Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer does that.”

Vonage Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer—currently in beta— enables new communication & collaboration use cases that require powering rich customer experiences across different channels:

Events – Developers can quickly and easily create virtual panels, with many remote presenters, complete with event branding, marketing logos, streamlined look & feel and emojis which can be integrated with Vonage’s Video APIs to enable large live interactive events and/or live event streaming without added complexities. PR Newswire

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