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Vodafone TV continues to grow with Kaltura as the heart of its cloud TV strategy; Germany debut boosts Vodafone TV reach to nine markets

Kaltura (NASDAQ:KLTR), the Video Experience Cloud, announced today that its Kaltura TV Platform is powering the expansion of Vodafone TV into new markets. Vodafone TV is the world’s most advanced multi-tenant Cloud TV service, with nine operations, currently serving over two million subscribers worldwide.

Germany is Vodafone TV’s most recent launch. The Kaltura-powered service is available nationally, accessible to users in all of Vodafone’s networks and in Unitymedia’s cable network. The service was launched in Germany in February 2021 and is offered under the brand “GigaTV”.

The German launch follows earlier Vodafone TV launches in Hungary and Czech Republic in 2020. The service is also live in Romania, Portugal, Greece, New Zealand, Spain and Italy, bringing the total to nine active Vodafone TV markets today, all powered by Kaltura technology.

Since 2014, Vodafone has trusted the Kaltura TV Platform to power Vodafone TV, placing Kaltura technology at the heart of its multi-country, telco-grade TV service. The Kaltura TV Platform enables Vodafone operating companies to efficiently and quickly launch Vodafone TV within their countries, whether migrating from legacy systems, leveraging hybrid networks, or launching ‘greenfield’ operations.

With a single, cloud-based system, upgrades and new features can be introduced across the global Vodafone TV service in a unified way, swiftly and smoothly becoming available to all markets, all enabled by Kaltura technology.

“Seven years ago, we selected Kaltura as our Cloud TV partner because its vision of innovation fits perfectly with ours; together we’ve built a Cloud TV platform that combines the best of OTT and pay-TV into a single service,” said Wolfgang Zeller, Vodafone Group Head of Video. “The flexibility, agility and scalability of Kaltura’s future-ready TV Platform is enabling Vodafone TV to reap all the advantages of being a single, cloud-based service available in many markets around the world via a range of network architectures and across devices,” he added.

“We are honored to support Vodafone TV’s expansion into new territories and congratulate Vodafone for most recently going live in Germany, a key Vodafone TV market,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO. “With such a large global footprint, Vodafone continues to lead the market in creating a multi-country, full-featured Cloud TV solution that we are proud to power with our technology. We continue to thank Vodafone for our ever-deepening partnership.” Globe Newswire

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