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Viaccess-Orca, ATEME team for contribution watermarking

The deal will see VO’s dynamic contribution watermarking solution embedded and ready to use within IRDs and encoders from ATEME. VO’s dynamic watermarking technology also features multiple, dynamic algorithms with the ability to track and change watermarks in real time. As content owners distribute live content to multiple affiliates, the solution tracks its path through different channels — including satellite and IP — injecting an invisible watermark on the video at each distribution point. The solution also offers a portal to VO’s Anti-Piracy centre, where content leaks are monitored and then identified so that content owners can fight back against piracy.

Through offering what the two companies say is a unique pay-per-use business model, the solution will aim to remove complex pricing traditionally associated with watermarking, enabling faster technology adoption.

The new solution supports BISS-CA encryption, an open protocol that enables real-time entitlement management for content streams over any network. When used in conjunction with dynamic watermarking, BISS-CA simplifies content owners’ ability to trace the source of illegal streams and safeguard their content, making this new watermarking solution especially advantageous for live sports streaming applications.

“Piracy is evolving. Hackers are exploiting new techniques to illegally access and redistribute video content, and the industry needs an accurate, scalable, and cost-efficient solution to identify the source of leaks,” explained Mathieu Harel, product director of watermarking at Viaccess-Orca. “Collaborating with ATEME, we’ve developed a smarter method for tracking piracy: one that focuses on the full content path as opposed to just the end points. With our solution, content owners and providers can protect their content and revenues in a way that was never before imaginable.”

“By 2022 the cost of online video piracy is expected to reach $52 billion, and this problem is only going to get worse without an effective solution,” added ATEME solution marketing senior director Julien Mandel. “Teaming up with Viaccess-Orca… we’ve created a free solution that liberates content owners and providers from sizing their network, so that they can focus only on tracking the path of leaks throughout the distribution workflow. Before this, content providers were limited to only identifying the end point of leaked content, so this solution is a real game-changer for the industry.” Rapid TV News

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