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Verimatrix partners with AWS to strengthen Streamkeeper Multi-DRM solution

Verimatrix, the leader in powering the modern connected world with people-centered security, today announced collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to further bolster scalability, availability and ease of use for its Streamkeeper Multi-DRM cloud-based OTT content security platform.

Streamkeeper Multi-DRM, a multi-tenant platform deployed on the AWS cloud, is compatible with AWS SPEKE to work seamlessly with AWS Media Services. It leverages AWS Global Accelerator and AWS Route 53 to allow lightning-speed content consumption, provide top-notch reliability, and consistently autoscale for peak events. Additionally, AWS Shield, AWS WAF and AWS Key Management Service (KMS) ensure Streamkeeper Multi-DRM services enjoy powerful protections against malicious attacks.

“Our customers’ highest priority is having a flexible security solution that doesn’t disrupt consumer experience and does not compromise on reliability,” said Andrew Bear, head of VCAS business at Verimatrix. “As a global innovator in OTT content security, we’re pleased to work with AWS to provide highly reliable and time-saving technology that can be integrated in minutes and greatly impact the bottom line for operators. Streamkeeper Multi-DRM provides operators with the latest DRM industry standards and capabilities available, for a myriad of compatible devices, to make all types of projects a success. This Verimatrix-AWS collaboration ensures a rewarding end-user experience protected through multiple layers of security.”

Top highlights of the collaboration include making OTT video services:

  • Fast to deploy – Time spent building on-prem custom solutions delays the return on investment.
  • Highly available and reliable – On-premises environments are either extremely costly (when they offer geo-redundancy), or not very reliable (when they don’t).
  • Autoscaling – On-premises environments are typically over-provisioned in order to sustain consumption peaks.
  • Powerfully secured – Entry-level DRMs do not meet the requirements of high-end content owners and therefore can restrict access to premium content.
  • Integrated and compatible – Missing integrations mean delays and project costs. It’s compatible with CMAF, CPIX and AWS SPEKE v2.
  • Fully managed – Capturing metrics that can be monitored, alerted, and acted upon to provide a complete operational picture as well as visibility into service performance.

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