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Unreal Streaming Technologies releases new software tools for IPTV/OTT operators

Unreal Streaming Technologies continues its creative approach to address the increasingly complicated needs of IPTV/OTT aggregators and operators, in terms of live video streams processing, redistribution and archival.

Two new software packages can help IPTV/OTT operators reduce costs and improve reliability and efficiency of working with live IPTV streams.

ffmpegable is a frontend GUI application for ffmpeg, allowing centralized control and automation of multiple ffmpeg processes. ffmpegable is intended to be used for continuous, non-stop ingest-publish scenarios for live streams, when there is a need to ingest, reprocess and republish the streams to new publishing points; ffmpegable replaces video ingest and processing servers with great flexibility and efficiency of ffmpeg.

HLS Archive is a DVR and retrieval system for live HLS streams. HLS Archive allows recording live HLS streams and provides DVR-like access to the recorded archive with multiple viewing options. HLS Archive supports recording actual media playlists and master playlists containing multiple renditions; web applications are provided for DVR and nDRV playlists generation and playback. Streaming Media

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