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Uncertainty shrouds LPL english broadcast and casters

There are currently no plans to continue the official LPL English broadcast in 2024, leaving casters with uncertainty going into next year.

The broadcast features several UK League of Legends casters – Jamada, Nymaera and Munchables – as well as Ireland’s Oisin and others.

Bilibili, which previously ran the broadcast, have no plans to do so in 2024, leaving several casters without jobs.

A source tipped off Esports News UK about this on the weekend, just before esports personality MonteCristo made some public comments about the situation.

He said: “The existing production has been cancelled and Riot HQ has yet to step in to provide another solution. Sad that one of, if not the best, leagues in the world might be less accessible.”

“I imagine that Riot’s new Stryker facility in Dublin will eventually take over the LPL English broadcast or they will allow a third party to take it over. The short timeline to solve this issue before the 2024 season starts, however, might make this difficult until after MSI.

“My sincere hope is that we continue to have uninterrupted coverage. This is a shitty situation for everyone, Riot HQ included. It is not their fault, but rather the Chinese stakeholders at the LPL. I have faith that Riot HQ will remedy this for English-speaking fans.” Esports-News

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