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ULLU 2.0 setting Indian OTT market on fire

The lockdown contributed heavily to the phenomenal growth of OTT viewership worldwide. Good content has never been consumed on such gargantuan proportions by the masses or received such vast appreciation, particularly when most OTT hits are sans any real star power that Indian audiences were believed to be crazy about.

This trend opened the gates of huge opportunities and Vibhu Agarwal, an astute entrepreneur, was among the very few people who not only recognized but also harnessed the true potential of this universal platform. It is no surprise that his portal which has the most unconventional name, ULLU, gained a 220% hike in its subscriber base during these difficult times for the entertainment industry.

“The name, ULLU came up from the fact that people, including our own audience, spend their nights watching TV, movies, or shows on OTT platforms. The 4-letter word seemed easy to remember and catch on. Plus, ULLU is also the trusted observer for Goddess Laxmi and her vehicle. So, it all seemed to come together. Naming your brand after a bird is not exactly the market parlance, but then again, we’ve always aimed to step out of the box to do the extraordinary,” says Vibhu Agarwal talking about how the brand was born.

Despite being a new entrant in the industry, Vibhu Agarwal’s app, ULLU has emerged as one of the key players in the industry and a force to reckon with, in just about two years since its launch. ULLU is today one of the fastest-growing platforms with over 46800 minutes of exhaustive, multi-genre programming of original content, which its subscriber base seems to love despite a few who refer to it as ‘too sensitive’.

Unfazed by this opinion, and being an astute entrepreneur who masters the market, Vibhu Agarwal has come up with a strategy to neutralize such feedback and grow ULLU into a brand with a much wider and diverse audience.

“Content that captures the attention of our viewers is the app’s signature style. It is because of such bold, original content with regional flavor that industry insiders say that ULLU has set the Indian OTT market on fire. It just might appear a bit too much to handle to some, but then, there is so much more to ULLU than just that. Engaging stories are being told in various formats and we want the power in the hands of our viewers to be able to choose what they want to watch,” confirms Vibhu Agarwal.

To achieve this goal, Vibhu Agarwal has conceptualized the 2.0 version of ULLU, which is expected to be launched soon. A lot of diligence, research, and development has gone into this project and his IT Team has really gone out of the way to enhance the experience of the app users. The homepage, UI, Interface everything has been upgraded with a new look and is backed with the latest technology. The interface allows the viewers to select whether they would wish to watch the censored content or not, which is known as Censored Movie Programming.

“We have further included a Premium Segment known as ULLU Gold which contains movies and series led by high-profile celebrities. A lot of story-based, content-based series are being added to our library as we speak. The 2.0 version will also have an AVod model built for the consumers who don’t believe in spending even a minimal amount on subscriptions. We will also be introducing a ‘RENT-A-MOVIE’ section which will be pay-per-click-per-view. Users can watch the content at really low prices,” elaborated Vibhu Agarwal.

Apart from the above, Vibhu Agarwal is also planning some significant moves for diversification as he sees it as the key to the ULLU brand’s success. His plans include the launch of ULLU merchandise that shall leverage the app’s branding from a holistic view.

“Everything from fashion, UGs, loungewear’s, accessories, etc. will be available under the ULLU label through own application in a couple of months considering the market. We also aim to launch the ULLU E-commerce Portal and will be introducing new vendors by the next financial year on the portal. The interface and pattern of buying have been kept quite simple, keeping in mind our target audience of Tier 2, Tier 3 & Tier 4 cities. We are also aiming at branching out the ULLU in California (USA) & London (UK). We shall be looking at a perspective wherein we take local content from these places and market them locally too,” he shares.

One other aspect that Vibhu Agarwal is looking at is the launch of ULLU Telecommunication, which will offer a service enabling people to connect with anybody across the globe at their convenience and at a remarkably low cost. This service will specifically target and reach the masses with an aim to achieve the same level of growth and appreciation that the original app has garnered over the years.

With so much happening under the leadership of Vibhu Agarwal, no one would be surprised to see ULLU 2.0 setting the Indian OTT market on fire yet again. Fortune India

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