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Two French firms ink deals with Skyroot for satellite launch services

Two French companies on Tuesday inked pacts with Hyderabad-based Skyroot Aerospace to launch their constellation of satellites onboard its indigenously-developed Vikram-I rocket early next year.

France-based Promethee Earth Intelligence signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Skyroot for satellite launch services onboard Vikram rockets for the Japetus earth observation constellation, a Skyroot statement said.

In a separate trilateral MoU, France-based Expleo will provide reconfigurable software for French firm ConnectSAT’s Internet of Things (IoT) satellite which will be launched on Vikram-I rocket developed by Skyroot.

ConnectSAT is building the futuristic OSIRIS satellite constellation for various social applications and monitoring and surveillance solutions.

The representatives of the French firms visited Skyroot’s facilities in Hyderabad on Tuesday, where the MoUs were inked.

Promethee CEO Olivier Piepsz said 50 per cent of its satellites require specific orbital requirements, making Skyroot’s Vikram launch vehicles an ideal choice for deploying a portion of their satellite constellation.

Skyroot co-founder Pawan Chandana said Skyroot’s space launches are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for global operators aiming to build futuristic satellite constellations.

Promethee’s Piepsz and Chandana had held exploratory talks on the possible collaboration during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France in July.

‘If we cultivate the NewSpace ecosystems together in a mutually beneficial collaborative mode, we will emerge stronger in France, stronger in India, and more competitive in global markets,’ Piepsz said.

The trilateral agreement between Expleo, ConnectSAT and Skyroot was signed between Abdoulahi Ben Moussa Dia, CEO of ConnectSAT, Frédérique Rebout, Director Alliances and Partners at Expleo, and Skyroot’s Chandana.

Skyroot is set to launch the Vikram-I orbital rocket early next year.

The Vikram series of rockets boast of advanced technologies including 3D printing, carbon composite bodies and modular framework that can suit multiple space launch requirements and orbital deployments. Deccan Herald

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