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Tubi, LiveRamp join forces to advance CTV addressability

The development sees Tubi become the first advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) service in the US to enable the passing of RampID in the bidstream and use LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution to directly connect authenticated inventory with advertiser demand.

The partnership arrives on the heels of advertisers now looking for new methods to scale safely after a loss of data through non-privacy-compliant sources. Bolstering its ad tech leadership position among ad-supported video-on-demand services, Tubi is creating an addressable marketplace for brands and agencies, helping to better measure ad spend while circumventing the loss of third-party cookies and the restriction of device IDs for advanced measurement and targeting.

A first-of-its-kind partnership for connected TV in the US, Tubi’s collaboration with LiveRamp allows for addressability on all OTT devices and maintains the ability to reach a large percentage of first-party audiences. Benefiting consumers as well as advertisers, the ad experience will remain relevant to viewers’ interests while putting their privacy first.

By signing up for a free account, viewers are able to tap into Tubi’s personalisation engines which provide tailored recommendations around what to watch – a mutually beneficial exchange, this in turn provides brands with better first-party data, all while maintaining transparency with consumers. For advertisers, the ATS solution also allows for the creation of an addressable Tubi audience. Brands now have the ability to more efficiently target people-based audiences with increased addressable reach and ROI, while also allowing them at scale to transact with consent.

“TV viewers are now well accustomed to streaming, but for advertisers, the different streaming platforms are fragmented. This makes the brand’s challenge of reaching and measuring a target audience multi-dimensional, and having a people-based identifier is important to ensure that advertising campaigns are relevant across channels and devices,” explained Tubi chief revenue officer Mark Rotblat. “LiveRamp helps enable authenticated, first-party relationships with our viewers so we can continue to deliver impactful relevant ad experiences, at scale.” Rapid TV News

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