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The impact of 5G technology on broadcasting industry

The contours of the topic are rather intriguing. I will tell you why:

I did some search in terms of the impact of 5G technology on broadcasting industry. But the lack of data on 5G tariff regime, which India is going to adopt, is rather a speculation.

5G, being a telecom technology, whether the Indian government will allow broadcasters to use exclusive network for broadcast? Or broadcasters use the telecom operator platforms like the present OTT? I think the government is yet to specify this.

As 4G had made a major disruption in the telecom sector, the impact was more visible in broadcasting. The disruption was so huge that now anybody can become a broadcaster, using social media platform. It impacted even film industry, especially in post-Covid time, when producers forced to release films on OTT platforms.

5G will impact content generation and it will bring 4k production, 360-degree video, AR, and VR in a big way.

The production cost of field events is likely to come down, especially sports.

The introduction of free 4G by Reliance was a surprise, which the government allowed them to do by killing all other telecom operators. We have to see what the government will do for 5G!

The spread of 5G to all geographical areas will take time, but all the major cities will have it in less than a year. And nearly 70 percent of the 5G traffic will be for broadcasting. The impact will be depending on 5G tariff regime, which is yet to be announced.

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