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Televisa selects Eutelsat to further expand Video coverage over Europe

Grupo Televisa, a leading producer of Spanish-speaking content, has selected Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) to further expand the reach of its video services in Europe.

Grupo Televisa is a Mexican multimedia company and one of the leading Latin American media corporations producing Spanish-speaking content across the globe, especially in Europe. Leveraging Eutelsat’s exceptional coverage over the European continent via the EUTELSAT 9B satellite, Televisa entrusts Eutelsat to further strengthen its footprint over Europe with a new multi-year agreement.

Eutelsat’s 9° East orbital position is home to a powerful satellite optimized for broadcast services. Located at the heart of a fast-growing Direct-to-Home (DTH) neighborhood and cable hotspot, the satellite delivers over 500 TV channels, including 200 in HD. EUTELSAT 9B provides coverage across Europe for TV channels and platforms through an extensive widebeam coverage. Capacity is spread across five footprints, with frequency reuse significantly increasing overall bandwidth.

“Televisa is committed to continuing the distribution of Televisa Networks Programming to all our affiliates and consumers in Europe. Eutelsat’s satellite gives us the ability to do so with high-quality coverage”, said Williams Aguirre, General Director of Satellite Operations at Grupo Televisa.

José Ignacio González-Núñez, Eutelsat Americas Video Senior Vice President, added: “We are pleased that Televisa, one of our most important partners, has selected Eutelsat to further expand its footprint in Europe, leveraging one of our prime video neighborhoods in the region. This is the result of a truly valuable commercial relationship between the two companies.” BCS Bureau

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