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Technology Trends in Broadcasting

The fast paced ever evolving technological developments in the arena of broadcasting have given this space a tremendous learning curve over the period of last few years. Evident, from the progressive trend witnessed worldwide with respect to viewer preferences, demographical and behavioral outlays, along with the realization of a more customized content for different viewers has driven forth a splurge in new avenues of growth and development for the industry worldwide.

In contribution to the above drivers, a rapid growth of internet has also propelled and played a pivotal role in shaping broadcasting into what we see it as today.

While growth is unprecedented, trend mapping is suggestive rather than absolute. Over the years, broadcast technologies and integrated solutions have been able to amalgamate technological developments from across the globe and lay them open for the benefit of one and all, thus, aiding an efficient implementation to run and launch new channels, irrespective of the geography.

While trends cannot be foreseen, their mapping is estimated by analyzing the social, political, technological, and demographical trends prevalent in the country and those analyzed on global parameters. However, two trends that have emerged to be evident are portability and mobility. They are and continue to be a necessity for invention, in the times to come.

Demand for interactive, innovative, portable, mobile, and much engaging viewer experience is overriding the static nature of traditional broadcasting. This is an important change or rather conquest that is taking place.

Today, we have an array of channels available that host varied forms of content, giving the viewer an ease of choice with specific, customized-genre specific content that caters directly to the likes of the viewer, for example news, sports, science, entertainment, reality TV, and others. India today hosts an impressive viewer database that has helped new business opportunities to offshoot at a tremendous pace, all across the country, broadening the horizons of growth and development of broadcast equipment marketplace.

Technologies available in one part of the globe are easily accessed today, integrated, and customized to suit the local factors, which are directly proportionate to the quality of content for the viewer. Therefore, market space today exists more on an elevated global platform as opposed to being indigenous.

Aveco has consistently been the pioneer of new technologies that are developed to suit the upcoming trends in broadcasting. Aveco has been actively contributing and redefining the way in which new technologies are being integrated with the systems across the globe, thus becoming a major catalyst of change on payout automation, automation for studio production, and media management solutions for its clients and consumers.

With an awareness and understanding of growth trends, Aveco has been and continues to lead the way forward for the broadcast equipment marketplace.

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