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Streaming bundles provide telcos with biggest business boosts

With its research predicting that the global subscription market set to grow by $268bn in the next three years, Bango noted that offering and bundling subscription services puts telcos at the heart of a fast growth, high value consumer market.

The new research incorporated data from senior US and UK decision makers and budget holders within telco brands and the overall findings put streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) subscriptions at #1 in terms of effectiveness for driving new sign ups and retaining existing customers, closely followed by music subscriptions (68%) and sports streaming service (64%). Food delivery subscriptions were noted by 59%.

Other bundles that have proved effective include Health and fitness subscriptions (57%), audiobook services (54%), gaming subscriptions (53%) and even subscriptions for workplace and productivity apps (51%).

But while video and music subscriptions may be proving the most popular with customers, Bango argued that telco brands don’t need to pick and choose between different subscription services. Instead, it advised telcos to look to combine subscriptions into a single “Super Bundling” content hub — something which 78% of US subscription users explicitly asked for in a recent consumer survey. 63% went as far to say they would pay for more subscriptions if they came as part of a centralised content hub.

According to previously released Bango data, 88% of telco leaders have plans to launch their own all-in-one Super Bundling content hubs, while 87% say Super Bundling will be a key source of competitive advantage. Bango added these all-in-one offerings are already starting to emerge with the likes of Verizon +play in the USA and Optus SubHub in Australia.

“By leveraging the power of Super Bundling, telco companies can elevate their ability to attract and retain customers. This comprehensive approach ensures that telco leaders remain relevant and valuable to their subscribers, unlocking the appeal of third-party subscriptions by providing consumers with offers and bundles tailored to their specific preferences and lifestyles,” said Bango CMO Anil Malhotra commenting on the findings.

“By deploying a market-proven technology, already compatible with a wide range of popular subscription services, telco leaders can optimise the management and delivery of Super Bundling, making it easier for customers to access and enjoy their array of services. Attempting to build a Super Bundling platform from scratch is both costly and time consuming, so the right technology and expertise is essential to ensure they deliver the quality experiences that customers’ increasingly demand.” Rapid TV News

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