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Stepping into 2020

2020 is a step forward from the wonderful year that 2019 had been, where we achieved new milestones, explored new arenas, worked and delivered innovative projects, made new friends, and reaped our clients’ trust.

In 2019, we joined hands with ETVBharat to automate news production and playout of 24 studios and 24 full time news channels for mobile phone and tablet live and on-demand viewership. Aveco contributed in automating the live production, recording, and playout of these 24 mobile TV channels and providing the workflow automation to optimize on-demand version production. Together with other TV technology partners serving ETV Bharat, we won the IBC Innovation Award in Content Everywhere category. Embarking upon the journey so forth, in 2020 our focus will be on exploring new opportunities.

The varied consumer preferences, viewer sensitivity and content versatility that drives the Indian market, also serves as the genesis of innovation; thus becoming the catalyst of constant change. Though Indian market is known to be a market of changing trends where only the most adaptive players survive, the base trend has always been the same – to inform and entertain viewers. The landscape, however, is changing. Besides the traditional broadcasters, there is a prominent presence of new players – the telco and mobile operators. Given these dynamics, it marks one project/solution unique, as compared to the other. Aveco has successfully established itself as a market leader that is able to foresee the market demands, cater to the needs of our consumers, adapt and deliver.

Do more with less has been in demand in unison. At Aveco, we strongly believe in offering products and solutions that are able to provide an enhanced functionality, multitask, and automate key processes for complex and robust operations in a cost effective manner.

Aveco introduced solutions for ASTRA MCR on-premises and cloud-based hybrid playout. Aveco’s MCR playout system is proficient in managing all types of playout workflows that exist on the premises and those in the cloud. It makes use of a single GUI for ensuring playout at local, remote and cloud. This unique feature provides the ease for users to conveniently administer on-air operations in multiple locations, at a given time. The feature that allows the user to easily administer, manage, and control both on-premises and cloud-based playout functions emits from a single user interface. The interface being user centric and easy to operate provides newer enhanced capabilities to broadcasters and media organizations, thus providing an unmatched experienced comprising of the best of both the worlds.

From a standpoint of the user, one can deploy playout and automation on-premises, while the remainder of channel operations — including encoding, encryption, and statistical multiplexing — can take place in the cloud. ASTRA MCR gives the choice to decide which operations happen where, based on their business model and services desired by their viewers. The user can also use their on-premises playout for their main TV channels, while using the cloud for disaster recovery, for temporary channels and for niche/low cost channels. Our approach is to offer solutions that are varied, customizable, cost effective, compatible with third party systems, and adaptive to such platforms. We are committed to maintain high benchmarks of quality deliverance and 24×7 customer service excellence and offer solutions that ensure customer satisfaction, therefore, making us a preferred business partner in India.

In 2020, on one hand we would be seen reaching out to new clients and exploring opportunities in non-metro cities, while on the other hand, we will continue to nurture our relationship with our existing clients, as we provide customer service excellence, ardent back-end support, collaborate on new opportunities, and innovate for a more enriched consumer experience.

With more than 300 customers in Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa, Aveco brings with it the global expertise, technology, capability, and experience to deliver to the existing and upcoming needs of the Indian consumers.

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