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Starlink made lots of people happy with satellite broadband

Starlink, a SpaceX owned satellite broadband communications services provider has made a lot of people happy. It has bridged the connectivity gap that a lot of remote and rural areas of the world faced. Just going on the website of the company, you will find testimonies of people who have used its services and are so grateful for it. There are people such as Jody M (living in Merrill, Wisconsin, US) who had no other option than consuming internet from 50-year-old copper lines. But the presence of Starlink has changed their lives since they can also leverage connectivity in the same way, quality and speed as does a regular person.

Another person, Chris T, living in Bridgewater, England, Great Britain, said that he is very happy that he could upgrade to a powerful internet connection with Starlink as opposed to getting 900 Kbps speed earlier. These are just two testimonies, but there are several other people who have appreciated what Starlink is doing. Starlink is currently working on the regulatory approvals required for providing satellite broadband services in India.

Starlink to Improve Drastically
Starlink will improve drastically as it goes out of the beta phase in October 2021. The company had last year announced the initiation of beta services in October. After one year, Starlink is ready to go aggressive with its services and is confident that it can provide stable services to consumers around the world.

Starlink will ensure that regardless of the location that a person is living in, he or she can get internet connectivity the same way any person does in an urban city with a fiber broadband connection. Satellite broadband connectivity will also ensure that businesses operating offices in remote/rural areas of different countries can get better connectivity. Getting great and consistent speeds from satellite broadband will help people in more than just one way. However, it will still take some time for Starlink to start providing services in different parts of the world. The issue isn’t providing coverage, it is getting regulatory approvals from different governments. Telecom Talk

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