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Sky Wire Broadcast ties up with Kiloview to bring IP-based solutions in Media

A noteworthy importer of a wide range of Audio-Video and Broadcast Equipment, Sky Wire Broadcast has recently confederated with Kiloview, a firm that procures effective solutions for IP-based live production. This collaboration is aiming to improve the services provided in the broadcast and telecommunication industry.

Joining hands with the leading solution provider of IP-based video transmission, Sky Wire Broadcast plans to inculcate video encoding, decoding, conversion, IP-based video switching, and streaming with functions such as Voice Intercom, NDI, PTZ control, OSD, cropping, recording facilities in their broadcasting equipment. Founded by the industry expert Avnish Singh, Sky Wire Broadcast specializes in TV Broadcast Solution, Online Educational Solutions, Live Streaming, TV Channel Setup, News Channel Setup and consultancy of News Agency Registration, TV Channel License Registration in India, and many more will be added to the list now since they will be adopting measures of professional research and development to upscale their services.

The transmission of live audio and visual data over IP is becoming more common, gradually pushing out analog AV transmission. It is indeed developing into an incredibly flexible and scalable technology that holds the potential to save an organization’s vast amounts of money and energy. AV over IP could be used in different workflows, including Video transmission, webcasting/streaming, VOD environments, or a broadcast setup, and that is what Sky Wire Broadcast is looking forward to implementing with their tie-up with Kiloview.

According to the government, by 2024, the Media & Entertainment industry is expected to become a 39 Billion Dollars industry with a CAGR(2019-24) of 9%. Within the M&E sector, the Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comic (AVGC) sector is growing at a rate of ~29%, while the audiovisual sector and services are rising at the rate of 25%; and with such superior collaborations in place, the graph could only be expected to rise.

Talking about his vision and hopes with this tie-up, founder Avnish Singh says, “Media & Entertainment industry is expected to reach $39 billion and a CAGR (2019-24) of 9% by 2024 which makes it important for us to cater to these expanding markets through effective growth and development. As a result, we are constantly evolving to make Sky Wire Broadcast a leading name across multiple business circles and fortify fresh talent and high-quality resources, taking the firm to the next level. Networking is of prime importance, and we have been creating opportunities for Sky Wire Broadcast and leveraging its years of pedigree to gain substantial growth”. Sky Wire Broadcast is also planning to launch a new education platform in the coming months that will be targeted towards rural areas for their development and giving them exposure alongside. With such effective measures in place, Avnish Singh, through Sky Wire Broadcast, envisages growing the company leaps and bounds, touching horizons in the sector. ANI

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