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SeaChange International introduces StreamVid cloud-based OTT platform to help operators and content owners manage and optimize their streaming businesses

SeaChange International, Inc. (NASDAQ:SEAC), introduces StreamVid™, an over-the-top (OTT) turnkey platform that enhances every aspect of an organization’s streaming business and allows operators and content owners to connect directly with their subscribers.

StreamVid is an end-to-end, fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. It supports the full range of business and technical functions from content ingestion and management to curation and monetization. Where the system truly excels is in the full control it provides operators and content owners over content distribution, user complete lifecycle data, the ability to do cross-selling and the rich data to understand their user base.

The StreamVid solution leverages SeaChange’s advanced advertising platform to provide targeted and personalized ad insertion capabilities for content owners – allowing them to tap into the rapidly growing streaming ad market by creating and monetizing their ad inventory.

“StreamVid is a complete enabling technology for streaming businesses. It allows content owners to build and own a direct, independent relationship with their consumers and to drive brand recognition, loyalty and value,” said Chris Klimmer, senior vice president of Global Sales and Marketing at SeaChange International. “As a complete platform without third-party software components, StreamVid removes market entry barriers since it is being offered under a true, consumption-based, pay-as-you-grow SaaS business model. As we understand the increasing importance of advertising business models within the streaming landscape, we put a particular focus on the integration with SeaChange’s ad tech components. We are now able to help our customers increase their advertising revenues with creatives that are relevant for each individual viewer.”

The platform can be deployed quickly to deliver all content—including Connected TV, OTT, SVOD, TVOD and AVOD—to all devices in 4K quality. StreamVid supports the broadest range of operating systems, platforms and devices including Apple iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Android, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, RDK, Fire TV, LG, PlayStation, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Chromecast and more.

The cloud-based system can be provisioned to support any size implementation – from start-ups to large-scale migrations. Emerging businesses benefit from the consumption business model since it removes the cost and technical barriers preventing them from launching a streaming service and allowing them to expand as their business grows. The platform supports all monetization models including subscription, transactional or advertising – the latter based on SeaChange’s proprietary ad insertion technology.

“Our end-to-end managed platform enables operators and content owners to satisfy consumers by effectively targeting, reaching and engaging with them on any device anywhere and everywhere they go,” said Klimmer. “StreamVid gives our customers a seamless way to establish their business quickly, while helping them grow and maintain the look and feel of their brands.”

StreamVid manages the entire customer lifecycle experience for operators and content owners, from registration to access rights to order history – even when there are multiple account profiles.

“As part of our review of every aspect of the business, we determined the need to better articulate the features and benefits of our advanced streaming offering,” said Bob Pons, executive chairman, SeaChange International. “From there, it was easy to focus our resources, develop a new brand and website and create a more robust marketing campaign befitting this world class technology.

“StreamVid’s entire focus is on enabling profitable streaming services for our business partners. We do this by helping them to unlock additional revenue streams, maximize the ROI of user and content acquisition costs and streamline operational costs while enhancing operational efficiencies,” said Pons.

The team and resources behind StreamVid enjoy a rich heritage of more than 25 years’ of video hardware, software and advertising technology. It is among the most experienced and accomplished in the industry with expansive in-house resources including dedicated video software engineers and developers.

Data and Analytics Increase Engagement, Offer Marketing Opportunities

StreamVid provides the data and analytics that identify who is watching and what programming is being viewed. It will automatically analyze data from various sources and deliver predictive insights to user behavior, which in turn, allows operators and content owners to increase user retention and reduce churn. This ability to target customers with content that appeals to them also increases revenue streams. It supports content discovery by allowing different users to see select promotions based on built-in ‘recommendation algorithms.’ All user data is safe and protected and handled in full compliance with their preferences and applicable regulations.

The StreamVid solution offers an easy-to-use and agile user interface to give consumers exceptional live, video on demand and time-shifted TV experiences. Advanced tool sets enable interface updates to be made on the fly—for devices, user groups, service levels and more – without the need for recertifications in the app stores. Creative marketers can even change the look and feel to help commemorate celebrations, special events (such as national holidays, Olympic events or even a customer appreciation month). PR Newswire

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