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Satellite TV is the most reliable stable technology with coverage anywhere in Ukraine

Today satellite reception of TV channels is the most reliable stable technology with coverage anywhere in Ukraine.

There is no threat and need to dismantle satellite dishes.

This was reported by one of the providers, informs .

Unverified information about the need to quickly (within 2-3 days) dismantle satellite dishes on the facades of apartment buildings began to spread on the Internet. Moreover, the reasons and details of such urgency of cleaning the antennas were not covered. Only hints and intimidation.

There was no reliable information on this matter from official sources of the state authorities of Ukraine or the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Today, satellite TV signal reception is the most reliable stable technology with coverage anywhere in Ukraine, unlike other technologies that depend on ground stations and transmitters and, unfortunately, are at risk of being hit by enemy forces.

Satellite dishes (dishes) – these are equipment for receiving a television signal from satellites, they have only such a narrowly focused technical purpose and do not affect the attraction or correction of the flight of missiles, aircraft or other enemy equipment.

The display surface of a satellite dish is much smaller than the surface horizontal iron or tin elements on houses (visors, parapets on windows and balconies). In addition, the design of the antenna is such that all radiation (from a certain geostationary satellite, ed.) that hits its surface is collected in focus and is not re-reflected into space, that is, their effect on radars is much less than the indicated flat elements.< /p>

We call on all owners of satellite equipment to remain calm and emphasize that there is no threat in satellite dishes, and there is no need to dismantle them.

Such statements are fake and may leave Ukrainians without access to national channels and truthful news about the current situation at the front. And this is now the most important thing after safety. The Times Hub

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