SAM Upgrades Go! Editor

Snell Advanced Media (SAM), has recently unveiled version 2.1 of Go! the browser-based editor. With this release Go! has matured into a full-blown timeline editor capable of cutting multiple audio tracks and adding video effects. Go! can now work with any COTS (common off-the shelf) storage system having been freed from dependence on Sam’s SQ Server system.

Go! also powers the SAM plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro for those who prefer that NLE’s GUI. In addition, Go! 2.1 has an automation API (application programming interface) through which a user can write scripts in the Python programming language. This enables a workflow that enables Go! initiate effects that will be accomplished on a Rio finishing system, thereby vastly extending the capabilities of this browser-based editor. Go! has been tested with all the major HTML5 browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer, and offers source-to-timeline audio track mapping for multiple audio channel editing with independent fades and mixes. Finished projects can be streamed from the Go! system itself and ultimately sent as an AAF (advanced authoring format) file to SAM’s Rio for full-resolution finishing.

Contact: Snell Advanced Media, 202 Siddhartha Chambers, Near IIT, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India; Tel : +91-11-4182 8996; Website:

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