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Quickplay, Vionlabs spur personalization, monetization of FAST and VOD services

Quickplay and Vionlabs today announced a technology integration that uses AI-based analysis of video files to dramatically increase viewer engagement and satisfaction, as well as ad monetization by OTT providers.

The companies are bringing together Quickplay’s award-winning, cloud-native CMS and Vionlabs’ Fingerprint Plus solution to create actionable media fingerprints and video descriptors without requiring any traditional content metadata fields. Service providers can use the integration to capitalize on two key market opportunities: intelligent ad point detection for targeted ads, improved audience personalization, and deeper engagement across AVOD services and FAST virtual linear channels.

The integration uses AI-derived metadata for content moods, micro-genres, story descriptors, keywords, and more to deliver richer, more nuanced video recommendations, increasing activations across OTT providers’ content libraries and resulting in a more than 50% increase in catalog activation. The higher activation is a direct result of high-quality data coverage for the catalog and advanced personalization algorithms that leverage the video descriptors.

“Engaging subscribers beyond marquee content translates directly into long-term value for the streaming providers,” said Naveen Narayanan, head of sports and data products for Quickplay. “With Vionlabs’ AI technology and video expertise, we’re able to ingest high-quality, highly-accurate descriptions of the content that can be used to tailor experiences to specific viewers based on their implicit and explicit preferences.”

Using an advanced, purpose-built neural network model, Fingerprint Plus analyzes and enriches every content asset ingested into the Quickplay video platform – including source video assets that lack rich, descriptive metadata. Quickplay’s personalization engine utilizes the enriched assets to create tailored experiences for maximizing audience engagement. The solution also identifies the optimal points in the video to insert ads so that they complement the viewing experience.

“According to a recent PWC study, 54 percent of users cite poor ad experience as the main reason for leaving the service,” said Marcus Bergström, CEO of Vionlabs. “Combining the power of Quickplay’s Video CMS with our Fingerprint Plus solution enables ads to be inserted with minimal disruption to the user experience, keeping viewers at the screen and directly benefiting the bottom line.” BCS Bureau

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