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Prox and Reverie – New Metaverse studio, officially launches

Formed by XR innovator, Martin Taylor, and ex-Disney EP, Alistair Maclean-Clark, Prox & Reverie is an exciting new venture in XR production and immersive entertainment. Prox and Reverie aim to provide a complete service to creatives and brands looking to effectively harness the power of mixed reality technology. This includes an entirely new purpose-built studio system named ‘The Forge’, containing interactive production tools from the world’s most cutting edge solutions, such as Varjo, Oculus, Xsens motion capture, Manus, Faceware, and Vive, to name just a few.

Prox and Reverie’s brand new sizzle reel showcases the incredible possibilities offered in The Forge – watch below:

Inside The Forge’s 2000 sq ft free roam stage, users will experience accelerated Worldbuilding for virtual production, performance capture, volumetric capture, pre-visualisation and simulation, volumetric capture, all within its modular convergence volume studio design, combine multiple technologies to create next-gen, mixed reality experiences.

Using leading real-time engines, such as Unity and Unreal, Prox & Reverie’s studio can generate motion capture-driven avatars and explorable virtual universes that quickly merge digital and real-world realities, for screen, for location-based installations and to unlock the power of the Metaverse.

Martin Taylor, co-founder and director said, “We are more than just a virtual production studio – our emphasis in The Forge’s convergence volume, is to empower content makers to explore and test their XR content ideas quickly and then push the boundaries of what’s possible because The Forge exists as a new kind of production canvas. The goal is to point every leading XR tool and technique into a single modular volume and have it move and adapt to the user’s imagination. Inside The Forge, you can experiment, create, prototype, simulate, build and deliver any kind of immersive audience experiences”.

Brands, studios and creatives can tap into The Forge to produce a range of experiences, from immersive previs of films and television shows, to music videos and Broadcast to immersive installations, visualisations and interactive, XR events. Rather than creating experiences that adopt mixed reality technology into an existing standard studio design, Prox & Reverie is exploring what makes up a studio of the future, where immersive and screen media are produced in lockstep.

Alistair Maclean-Clark, co-founder and CEO said, “The entertainment industry has seen an explosion in the use of virtual production techniques over the past year, with a specific focus on the use of LED walls for set extension and real-time CGI. Prox & Reverie was launched to level up the immersive aspects of mixed reality by tapping into the full potential of XR technology, providing truly interactive experiences that allow creators to create and viewers to step into and experience photorealistic fictional realities”.
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