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Proposed law may regulate OTT apps

The proposed law aims to regulate advertisements within these apps and establish codes of conduct for program content, ensuring that viewers are protected from misleading ads and inappropriate programming.

While the exact details of the legislation are still being debated, it is expected to encompass several key areas:

Advertising Standards:
The new law is likely to set stringent advertising standards for OTT platforms. This includes rules regarding the content, timing, and frequency of advertisements to prevent viewers from being inundated with commercials or exposed to misleading promotions.

Program Content Guidelines:
To safeguard viewers, the legislation may introduce guidelines for program content, focusing on issues such as age-appropriate material, content warnings, and measures to prevent explicit or harmful content from reaching young audiences.

Data Privacy:
With the increasing reliance on user data for targeted advertising, the law could also address data privacy concerns, ensuring that OTT platforms handle user information responsibly and transparently.

Monetary Penalties:
Enforcement mechanisms are expected to be a part of the legislation, including penalties for non-compliance with the established rules. These penalties would serve as a deterrent and encourage OTT providers to adhere to the regulations.

The move to regulate OTT apps comes as governments worldwide grapple with the digital transformation of the media landscape. OTT platforms have disrupted traditional broadcasting and introduced a vast array of content choices to consumers. However, concerns have also emerged regarding the potential for inappropriate advertising and the impact of unregulated content on viewers, especially children. World Litigation Forum

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