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PromoSuite announces end-to-end integration with WideOrbit’s radio solutions

PromoSuite announced today the creation of an end-to-end integration between WideOrbit’s WO Traffic and WO Automation for Radio applications and the PromoSuite Production radio workflow platform. This solution will provide many benefits to radio stations using PromoSuite Production, including speeding up the order entry process, streamlining cart number assignments, eliminating duplication, and reducing overhead associated with dubbing audio files into WO Automation for Radio.

“This integration will enhance the experience for our radio customers,” said William ‘Dub’ Irvin, WideOrbit’s VP of WO Automation for Radio. “We’re constantly looking for ways to help our clients eliminate errors, reduce repetitive manual tasks, and increase efficiency. The best part is that these improvements positively impact several departments, including sales, production, and programming.”

The new integration has three connection points between WO TrafficWO Automation for Radio, and PromoSuite Production. First, when an AE enters an order for a client and needs a spot produced, the client information is automatically and seamlessly populated into PromoSuite Production, eliminating duplicate effort in communication. Information only needs to be entered once. Second, cart number assignments are immediately synced between the two systems. Third, audio files are directly dubbed into WO Automation for Radio.

PromoSuite’s Vice President of Product Design & Development, Rey Mena, commented on the announcement, “Our main priority is and always has been to improve efficiencies for our clients. When you’re able to eliminate unnecessary or tedious processes, you increase productivity and revenue. Regardless of the department, we are continuously looking, building, and creating upgrades and enhancements at the station, market, and company level. This integration showcases the advancements and opportunities we’re delighted to make available to our partners.” PR Newswire

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