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PrimaLuceLab’s affordable X/S band radio telescope for satellite communications and spacecraft mission support

INTREPID 500S X/S-band radio telescope uses a 5,0 meter diameter full dish antenna with a very high surface precision. The dual X/S band feed allows to record frequencies both in X and S bands with 300MHz bandwidth each and dual circular polarization. The giant GS-800 antenna tracking system allows high precision pointing and tracking of satellites in the sky, with slewing speed up to 12°/sec.

INTREPID 500XS comes with GS-800 antenna tracking system with maximum slewing speed of 12°/sec.
The INTREPID 500XS radio telescope uses the professional GS-800 antenna tracking system that has been specially designed and built to move the large 5 meter diameter full dish with great speed (up to 12°/sec) and precision, in order to track even fast moving satellites in low Earth orbit. GS-800 antenna tracking system has 800 Kg load capacity with very high precision pointing and tracking (encoders with a read resolution of 0,0003°). It can also be equipped with a special electronic security system (optional) which “parks” the antenna pointed at the Zenith (the vertical position) when the wind exceeds 75 Km/h, offering the lowest resistance to the wind

Main specifications:

• Antenna diameter (m): 5
• Antenna type: Prime focus
• Working frequency: 2100–2400 MHz in S-band / 8300–8600 MHz in X-band
• Bandwidth: 300 MHz both in S and X bands
• Feed: Dual S/X band, coaxial
• Polarization: circular, left and right hand
• Mount: GS-800 antenna tracking system
• Pier: C800-HEAVY High load capacity pier for concrete base
• Remote control: yes
• Maximum slewing speed: 12°/sec
• Weatherproof: Yes


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