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Prima TV selected Etere for its Playout System

Romanian commercial TV channel Prima TV has chosen Etere to upgrade its playout system. After a few rounds of evaluations, the broadcaster selected the Etere Ecosystem to drive a new generation of broadcast operations. The Etere Ecosystem checked all the crucial boxes for Prima TV, which uses a studio control room for news production and another for talk shows. The station can now leverage a centralized database with real-time updates for better efficiency.

Etere Ecosystem includes the revolutionary 4K-ready Etere ETX. This software features a Channel-in-a-Box solution with full IP/NDI/SDI support for multiple frame rates, requiring no middleware or proprietary hardware. It is compatible with all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry.

Etere ETX features a distributed architecture with fault-resilient performance, allowing users to easily capture live broadcast feeds, edit, manage videos and handle playlists. Features include editing, adding, or deleting playlists, changing video and audio file formats, and assigning transitions for smooth playlist transitions. Users can also preview playlists and customize playback parameters. Additionally, Etere Master Control allows media companies to manage multiple outputs from an integrated user interface. Etere ETX-L Live Loudness Control also prevents excessive audio jumps through automatic audio control.

Etere Multichannel Ingest is equipped to handle multiple channels of 4K/HD/SD content to be ingested from NDI or SDI or IP digital feeds, live feeds, file imports. The powerful software is able to ingest/play up to 6 streams simultaneously.

Also included in this project is the Etere Automation, a scalable, flexible, and reliable playout system that runs independently from the Etere SQL server database, offering various fault tolerance modes.

Furthermore, Etere Ingest supports various ingestion requirements, including manual, scheduled, and automatic.

For an effective management, Etere Basic MAM offers a powerful content management solution to streamline the ingesting, indexing, storing, and retrieving of media assets. Etere T-Workflow orchestrates end-to-end media workflows and users can customise the broadcasting rules with the workflow designer. In addition, Etere Resources Management offers a unified software interface to manage all resources, streamlining workflows with real-time information exchange.

Using Etere Web, authenticated users can manage assets and operations from any web browser, supporting all core functionalities of the Etere software. With the Etere Web Floating Licences, broadcasters benefit from a flexible licensing model that allows a limited number of licenses to be shared among a larger group of users.

Other modules in this project include,

Etere SNMP Console optimizes processes and infrastructure performance from a single interface, providing easy monitoring and management.

Etere Tapeless Reception allows operators to manage digital files and metadata from any location via a web service-based portal framework. Etere ensures data consistency and redundancy through the automated synchronization of video files and database assets.

Etere Proxy Browsing equips users with tools for ingesting, editing, previewing, playing out, and archiving within a digital newsroom environment.

Etere Transcoder offers flexible workflows for decoding, encoding, transcoding, muxing, demuxing, and filtering media, including frame rate conversions.

The 4K-ready Etere Broadcast Quality Player provides high-quality video/audio monitoring and playback with full-resolution dual-monitor capabilities. Etere Multichannel Player Recorder manages multiple channels of 4K/HD/SD content from various sources, integrating seamlessly with the Etere Ecosystem and third-party modules.

Etere Driver License optimizes equipment performance with tight integration with various drivers.

Etere F90 ensures accurate and efficient data flow between systems, enabling a fully digital data processes. Etere Remote Support Services complement on-site services, ensuring alignment with business requirements.

Etere Remote Training and Remote Installation services provide global support through VPN and Teamviewer, offering professional technical consultation and real-time updates. These services empower users to maximize their Etere installations with expert guidance and 24/7 worldwide support.

For a tailored media management strategy, contact Etere for a personalized consultation. Etere

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