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Premier League set for TV revolution as unprecedented access given to fans

Television coverage of the Premier League could look very different later this season after the competition signed a deal to revolutionise its offering to fans.

The Premier League ’s technology partner Genius Sports have developed a skeletal tracking system which allows data to be relayed in real time. That means broadcasters like Sky Sports and BT Sport will be able to show viewers statistics like each player’s running speed and shot velocity as the game unfolds.

Viewers won’t have to wait long for this new and enhanced experience either, with changes set to be rolled out later this season. While the breakthrough, which was agreed earlier this week with the Premier League, is primarily for broadcasters and their viewers, it will also be provided to the clubs as a coaching aid.

All Premier League games are broadcast with an eight-second delay – enough time for Sky and BT to add graphics to accompany the action. Examples from Genius Sports’ subsidiary, Second Spectrum, shows running speeds appearing alongside players as they charge down the wing and shot speed popping up as a goal goes in from long range. Mirror

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