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Potential OTT strike looms over industry

The industry recently showcased some of the biggest changes. The narrative isn’t just controlled by the makers, studios, and creators, but the actors and writers found their voice. Hollywood just went through one of the longest-running strikes by actors and writers to seek justice and show the makers that they are at the center of control.

But changes are like ripple effects; one wave can create another.

There is massive speculation that a similar kind of strike might happen in the Indian OTT space.

The Association of Film and Video Editors filed a complaint with FWICE, exposing issues within the OTT industry. Backed by 245 signatures, editors highlighted concerns like opaque hiring practices, sudden replacements without explanation, and below-standard remuneration.

Approximately 20 editors shared instances of lacking No Objection Certificates, emphasizing exploitation and credit denial. The complaint sheds light on the challenges faced by editors, urging attention to working conditions in the OTT world.

The editors are really concerned about the mistreatment they have to face throughout the process. Firstly, in most cases, they aren’t given enough credit, and in terms of financial terms, they are facing injustice as well. And if you talk about the work schedule, it is too hectic to even lead a life like that.

The complaint aims to address key issues by drawing attention from streaming platforms and production houses. FWICE President BN Tiwari revealed efforts, including letters to Netflix, Amazon, Zee, and others, seeking responses to arrange a meeting. The objective is to engage stakeholders in resolving concerns raised by editors in the OTT industry.

As time passes, the industry will definitely wait for the results of such actions. If this goes on the terms of a strike, India’s entertainment industry will definitely feel the power of the backbone of any creation. With proper credits and respect due, the editors have all the right to fight for it, and if they are on strike, they will definitely be backed by others from the industry. M9.News

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