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Planet Marathi OTT launches first look of platform’s logo

Planet Marathi has the honour of being the first-ever Marathi OTT platform to stream exclusive Marathi content for the world! With high-octane entertainment offerings in their kitty, Planet Marathi promises a new wave of digital entertainment for the Marathi audience. To mark this new era, the leading Marathi entertainer launches a brand-new logo that reflects the identity of their digital streaming platform.The eccentric platform with a fresh new identity will be launched with the release of the first ever Marathi TVOD film “June”. The tri-fold launch of aceJune” will be in June 2021 itself and will mark the beginning of Planet Marathi OTT’s revolutionary journey!

Decoding the Planet Marathi OTT logo, it reflects the perfect symphony of Marathi pride, the sheer magnificence of our culture and Planet Marathi’s lively and fresh personality. The brand has retained its delightful crimson pink color but the app logo has a prominent aMa’ in the artwork. aMa’ denotes pride and it also stands for the Marathi Language. Planet Marathi invokes the pride, passion, glory, freedom of thoughts, along with a centered rootedness, warmth and motherly love of this age-old language.The logo denotes the originality, exclusivity and pride of Marathi art, culture, entertainment and history. This aMaa¿ goes with the tagline of Planet Marathi OTT — aMa Maanacha Ma Marathicha’.

Talking about this fresh new identity, Akshay Bardapurkar, Founder and Head, Planet Marathi says “After a long wait, we are finally launching our revolutionary platform that will bring a new era of entertainment experience for the Marathi industry. June 2021 marks a new beginning even for Planet Marathi with the launch of our new identity. Although we are turning a new leaf, our commitment to our audiences will remain the same. This is an age of web content, and we dona¿t want amazing Marathi content to wither away in the overload of content pouring into the digital space. Our culture, our language and our art have so much meaning and our talented artists put everything at stake to present this to the audience. We at Planet Marathi want to create a platform that honours their painstaking efforts.”The release of Planet Marathi OTT’s first Marathi cinema “June” is also a monumental step in redefining the Marathi movie-watching experience as it is the first ever Marathi cinema to be launched as a TVOD. Marathi movie fans who wouldn’t want to buy the whole subscription but still want to see the film, can simply buy a ticket and watch the movie in Planet Marathi Digital Theatre!This has expanded the audience for Marathi movies humongously since it is affordable, convenient and unique. Marathi filmmakers, too, are flocking to Planet Marathi Digital Theatre now due to this effortless and cost-effective distribution. After struggling with the pandemic effect, Planet Marathi OTT brings relief to the otherwise grappling industry. NewKerala


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