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OTT scam exposed: Millions of subscribers affected

With the rise of digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, some movie producers are taking the easy route to make money. They’re making movies not because they’re passionate about making good films, but to ensure they don’t lose money.

When they sell the rights to these films to digital platforms, they know they’ll make a profit. So, they don’t put in the effort to create a great movie.

Recently, there have been cases where movies were released in theaters, but they weren’t finished. This happened because the producers wanted to meet the deadlines for showing these movies on digital platforms.

The speculations in the industry suggest that those two films are Akshay Kumar’s Mission Ranigunj and Tiger Shroff’s Ganapath both of which had terrible VFX.

Producers sign contracts with digital platforms that have strict deadlines. If they miss the deadline, they lose the contract and the movie’s value drops. To avoid this, some producers release unfinished movies to protect their profits from digital platforms.

This practice is causing a problem because it can make people lose trust in digital platforms and hurt the value of movies in the long run. It’s like selling a half-baked cake, and it might end up hurting good, smaller movies in the future. The industry will collapse due to such scams and malpractices. M9.News

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