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Ormax Media launches audience analytics tool for TV channels

Media consulting firm Ormax Media announced the launch of a new audience analytics tool Ormax Televate. The tool is designed to help TV channels identify a focused and consumer-centric strategy for viewership growth, based on insightful data on parameters built through Ormax Media’s work in the television industry in India. Ormax Televate currently covers the Urban Indian market, and addresses 157 channels in the industry, in 36 genres across languages. The tool is available for GEC, movies, news, kids, music and infotainment genres across all major Indian language.

Ormax Televate has two stages. In the first stage, a TV channel commissioning a project will get access to syndicated data that maps their channel and its competition on strategic parameters related to Awareness, Brand Performance and Category Needs. Using its extensive body of work, Ormax Media has identified 172 viewership barriers that channels may potentially face. Using an algorithm developed by Ormax, upto 15 barriers that are most relevant to the channel in question will be identified.

In Stage 2 of an Ormax Televate project, strategic analysis, content and brand analytics and qualitative research will be used to identify three priority areas that the channel must focus on to increase its viewership. For each of these areas, Ormax Televate will recommend a specific and actionable plan.

Speaking about the tool, Shailesh Kapoor, Founder & CEO – Ormax Media, said: “TV channels make various efforts in the areas of content, marketing, branding, distribution, acquisition, etc. to increase their viewership. However, these initiatives are often like hit-and-trial, and a lot of time and resources are spent on activities that may have incremental value at best. In Ormax Televate, using consumer data, advanced analytics and our deep expertise in the television domain, we will help channels identify the most critical aspects of their business they must fix from a viewership perspective. These are the only things that the leadership team should spend their time on”.

Speaking about the approach taken by Ormax Televate, Keerat Grewal, Partner – Ormax Media, said: “TV channels conduct a lot of ongoing consumer research to build their consumer understanding, over and above the ratings data available to them. However, this often leads to data overload, where there’s too much information available, but very little clarity on how to process and action it. Ormax Televate is an audience analytics engine that cuts through this information clutter, and identifies three priority areas a TV channel must focus on to achieve sizeable viewership growth, and lays out a detailed strategic roadmap for each of them”. Afaqs

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