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No show for DD FreeDish’s 77th e-auction for MPEG-2 slots

Prasar Bharati had invited applications DD Free Dish’s 77th e-auction for MPEG-2 slots for the period June 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025.

Not a single broadcaster bid for the slot. They found the base price too steep and unreasonable.

Notice for 77th e-auction of DD Free Dish MPEG-2 slots on January 27, 2023
Prasar Bharati invites applications for allotment of vacant MPEG-2 slots of DD Free Dish DTH Platform for the period from 01.06.2024 to 31.03.2025 through 77 online e-auction process to be tentatively held on 28 May 2024. The e-auction will be conducted by the E-auction Methodology for allotment of DD Free Dish slots to private TV channels, notified by Prasar Bharati on 27.01.2023 and subsequent Amendment Dated 13. 12.2023.

Period – 01.06.2024 to 31.03.2025

Slots- MPEG-2 Slot

Only satellite channels licensed by the Ministry of I&B would be allowed to participate in the e-auction. Only companies holding valid permission from the Ministry of I & B can apply for participation in the e-auction for the allocation of the DD Free Dish slot. International Public Broadcasters licensed by the Ministry of I & B can also participate in e-auction.

Categorization of TV channels in different buckets by genres and language of channel for the allotment period will be as below.

S. No. Bucket Genre / Language
1. Bucket A+ GEG (Hindi / Urdu) Channels
2. Bucket A Movie (Hindi / Urdu) Channels



Bucket B

a.  Music (Hindi / Urdu) Channels

b.  Sports (Hindi / Urdu) Channels

c.   All Channels of Bhojpuri Language

d.  All other remaining Genre of Hindi / Urdu

4. Bucket C News & Current Affairs (Hindi / Urdu) Channels



Bucket D

a.  Devotional / Spiritual / Ayush

b.  All Genres of Marathi & Punjabi Channels

c.  News & Current Affairs (English) Channels

6. Bucket Rl This bucket is for all Channels

in languages* not covered above

The Reserve Price for MPEG-2 slots for the commencement of e-auction for different Buckets shall be as under.


Round No.


Reserve Price

(in INR)

Buckets Eligible to Bid Buckets

Not Eligible to Bid

Round 1 (Bucket A+) Rs. 17.69,87,000/- A+,C,A,D,B,R1
Round 2 (Bucket C) Rs.15,78,31,000/- C,A,D,B,R1 A+
Round 3 (Bucket A) Rs. 15,24, l7,000/- A,D,B,R1 A+,C
Round 4 (Bucket D) Rs. 15,07,5l,000/- D,B,R1 A+,C,A
Round S (Bucket B) Rs.14,99,18,000/- B,RI A+, C, A, D
Round 6 (Bucket Rl) Rs.11,07,73,000/- R1 R.+, C, A, D, B

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