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NewsOnAir Radio Live-Stream India Rankings : Indian Adults hooked to NewsOnAir

All India Radio live-streams on NewsOnAir App have quite a following among the working population of Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kochi as around 75% of the listeners of AIR live-streams in these cities are in the age group of 25 – 64. This finding is result of a new addition to the NewsOnAir Ranking measurements – Demographic distribution for top cities.

In the latest Rankings of top cities in India where All India Radio Live-streams on NewsOnAir App are most popular, Chennai and Ahmedabad have both moved up a notch, while Delhi NCR and Jaipur have slipped down the ladder.

In major changes in rankings of top AIR Streams in India, Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu has jumped up 2 spots, while Asmita Mumbai and FM Gold Delhi have both witnessed fall in their rankings.

More than 240 Radio Services of All India Radio are live-streamed on NewsOnAir App, Prasar Bharati’s official App. These All India Radio Streams on NewsOnAir App have a large number of listeners not just in India, but globally, in more than 85 countries and 8000 cities across the globe.

Take a look at the top Cities in India where All India Radio live-streams on NewsOnAir App are most popular. You can also find the top All India Radio live-streams on NewsOnAir App in India and the city-wise breakup of the same. These rankings are based on fortnightly data, from August 16 to August 31, 2021.

NewsOnAir Top 10 Indian Cities

Rank City
1 Pune
2 Bengaluru
3 Hyderabad
4 Mumbai
5 Chennai
6 Delhi NCR
7 Ernakulam
8 Ahmedabad
9 Jaipur
10 Lucknow

NewsOnAir Top Streams in India

Rank AIR Stream
1 Vividh Bharati National
2 AIR News 24×7
3 AIR Malayalam
4 AIR Pune
5 Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu
6 Asmita Mumbai
7 FM Gold Delhi
8 AIR Kochi FM Rainbow
9 AIR Kodaikanal
10 FM Rainbow Delhi

NewsOnAir Demographic Distribution for Top Cities (By Views)



Age (In Years)
Rank City 18-24 (%) 25-34 (%) 35-44 (%) 45-54 (%) 55-64 (%) 65 + (%)
1 Pune 6 13 17 26 21 17
2 Bengaluru 7 14 18 26 18 18
3 Hyderabad 8 18 18 22 20 14
4 Mumbai 3 10 14 22 29 22
5 Chennai 9 14 14 22 23 17
6 Delhi NCR 11 21 14 19 19 17
7 Kochi 6 13 17 27 22 15
8 Ahmedabad 10 16 16 19 21 18
9 Jaipur 14 21 16 22 15 12
10 Lucknow 21 26 13 17 12 11

NewsOnAir Top 10 AIR Streams – City-wise (India)

# Pune Bengaluru Hyderabad Mumbai Chennai
1 Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National AIR Kodaikanal
2 AIR Pune Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu FM Rainbow Vijayawada Asmita Mumbai Vividh Bharati National
3 AIR Pune FM Vividh Bharati Bengaluru AIR Telugu FM Rainbow Mumbai AIR Chennai Rainbow
4 AIR Solapur AIR Dharwad AIR Hyderabad VBS AIR Pune AIR Coimbatore FM Rainbow
5 Asmita Mumbai AIR Kannada VBS Vijayawada AIR News 24×7 AIR Tamil
6 AIR Jalgaon AIR Mysuru AIR Hyderabad FM Rainbow FM Gold Mumbai AIR Tiruchirappalli FM
7 AIR Ahmednagar AIR Bengaluru AIR Kurnool AIR Pune FM AIR Chennai PC
8 FM Rainbow Mumbai AIR News 24×7 AIR Hyderabad A AIR Mumbai VBS AIR Puducherry Rainbow
9 AIR Aurangabad AIR Malayalam AIR Tirupati FM Gold Delhi AIR Chennai VBS
10 AIR News 24×7 AIR Raagam AIR Visakhapatnam Rainbow AIR Ratnagiri AIR Karaikal


Delhi NCR Ernakulam Ahmedabad Jaipur Lucknow
1 Vividh Bharati National AIR Malayalam Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National
2 AIR News 24×7 AIR Kochi FM Rainbow AIR Rajkot PC AIR News 24×7 AIR News 24×7
3 FM Gold Delhi AIR Ananthapuri AIR Gujarati FM Gold Delhi AIR Lucknow
4 FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Thrissur AIR News 24×7 AIR Jaipur PC FM Gold Delhi
5 VBS Delhi AIR Manjeri VBS Ahmedabad AIR Suratgarh FM Rainbow Lucknow
6 AIR Almora AIR Kannur AIR Bhuj AIR Jodhpur PC FM Rainbow Delhi
7 Delhi Rajdhani AIR Calicut AIR Vadodara FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Varanasi
8 Vividh Bharati National AIR Kochi AIR Rajkot VBS AIR Kota AIR Gorakhpur
9 AIR Agra AIR Kozhikode FM AIR Surat AIR Jodhpur Rainbow AIR Faizabad
10 AIR Dehradun Vividh Bharati National F M Rainbow Delhi AIR Churu AIR Chhatarpur

NewsOnAir Stream-wise City Ranking in India

Rank Vividh Bharati National AIR News 24×7 AIR Malayalam AIR Pune Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu
1 Pune Delhi NCR Ernakulam Pune Bengaluru
2 Delhi NCR Pune Kochi Mumbai Mysore
3 Mumbai Lucknow Bengaluru Bengaluru Chennai
4 Ahmedabad Mumbai Trivandrum Delhi NCR Mangalore
5 Bengaluru Bengaluru Kollam Nagpur Hubli
6 Jaipur Jaipur Chennai Thane Ernakulam
7 Lucknow Patna Thrissur Dombivli Pune
8 Hyderabad Hyderabad Kozhikode Ahmedabad Shimoga
9 Indore Kolkata Kottayam Nashik Hyderabad
10 Bhopal Machhagan Barharwa Kolhapur Mumbai


Rank Asmita Mumbai FM Gold Delhi AIR Kochi FM Rainbow AIR Kodaikanal FM Rainbow Delhi
1 Pune Delhi NCR Ernakulam Chennai Delhi NCR
2 Mumbai Pune Kochi Coimbatore Pune
3 Thane Mumbai Thrissur Bengaluru Patna
4 Dombivli Jaipur Bengaluru Salem Lucknow
5 Bengaluru Lucknow Chennai Erode Bengaluru
6 Kalyan Patna Kollam Ernakulam Machhagan
7 Nashik Bengaluru Trivandrum Madurai Jaipur
8 Nagpur Machhagan Kozhikode Tiruppur Kolkata
9 Kolhapur Kolkata Kottayam Trichy Ahmedabad
10 Ahmedabad Hyderabad Barharwa Hyderabad Mumbai

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