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NewsOnAir radio live-stream global rankings ; Nepal tunes into Akashvani

In what’s indicative of All India Radio’s increasing popularity in neighbouring countries, latest ranking of top countries where AIR live-streams are most popular has revealed that Pakistan continues to be among the top 10 for second consecutive month, while Nepal has entered the top list for the first time.

According to Country-wise ranking of top All India Radio streams (excluding India), the most heard All India Radio services in Nepal are Vividh Bharati National, AIR Ooty, FM Rainbow Delhi, AIR News 24×7, VBS Delhi, FM Rainbow Mumbai, FM Gold Mumbai and AIR Shimla, in that order.

In Pakistan, Vividh Bharati National, AIR Mumbai VBS, World Service 1, FM Gold Delhi, FM Rainbow Delhi, AIR Suratgarh, FM Rainbow Mumbai, FM Gold Mumbai, AIR News 24×7 and FM Rainbow Lucknow top the charts.

More than 240 Radio Services of All India Radio are live-streamed on NewsOnAir App, Prasar Bharati’s official App. These All India Radio Streams on NewsOnAir App have a large number of listeners not just in India, but globally, in more than 85 countries.

Here’s a glimpse at the top countries, apart from India, where AIR live-streams on NewsOnAir App are most popular; top All India Radio streams on NewsOnAir App in rest of the world. You can also find the country-wise breakup of the same. These rankings are based on data from February 1 to February 28, 2022.

NewsOnAir Top Countries (Rest of the World)

Rank Country
1 United States
2 United Kingdom
3 Canada
4 Australia
5 United Arab Emirates
6 Singapore
7 Pakistan
8 Saudi Arabia
9 Germany
10 Nepal

NewsOnAir Global Top 10 Streams

Rank AIR Streams
1 Vividh Bharati National
2 AIR Odia
3 AIR Kochi FM Rainbow
4 AIR Punjabi
5 AIR Manjeri
6 AIR News 24×7
7 AIR Kerala
8 FM Gold Mumbai
9 AIR Chennai Rainbow
10 AIR Pune

NewsOnAir Top 10 Streams – Country-wise (Rest of the World)

# United States United Kingdom Canada Australia UAE
1 Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National
2 AIR Dharamshala AIR Kochi FM Rainbow AIR Kathua FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Kerala
3 AIR Pune Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu AIR Patiala FM Gold Delhi AIR Kannur
4 VBS Delhi VB Kannada AIR Vadodara FM Gold Mumbai AIR Manjeri
5 FM Gold Mumbai AIR Kozhikode FM AIR Pune FM FM Rainbow Mumbai AIR Thrissur
6 FM Gold Delhi AIR Rajkot PC FM Gold Mumbai Asmita Mumbai AIR Kochi FM Rainbow
7 AIR Raagam Asmita Mumbai AIR Thrissur AIR Chennai Rainbow AIR Kozhikode FM
8 AIR Kochi AIR Kannada FM Rainbow Mumbai VB Kannada AIR Kodaikanal
9 AIR Madurai AIR Chennai Rainbow FM Gold Delhi FM Rainbow Lucknow VB Malayalam
10 Asmita Mumbai World Service 1 AIR Mumbai VBS AIR Cuttack VBS AIR Kochi


# Singapore Pakistan Saudi Arabia Germany Nepal
1 Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National
2 AIR Kodaikanal AIR Mumbai VBS AIR Manjeri AIR Kashmiri AIR Ooty
3 AIR Chennai Rainbow World Service 1 AIR Kozhikode FM AIR Jamshedpur FM Rainbow Delhi
4 AIR Karaikal FM Gold Delhi VB Malayalam AIR Chennai Rainbow AIR News 24×7
5 AIR Chennai FM Gold FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Darbhanga FM Rainbow Delhi VBS Delhi
6 AIR Coimbatore FM Rainbow AIR Suratgarh AIR Kerala FM Gold Mumbai FM Rainbow Mumbai
7 AIR Chennai B FM Rainbow Mumbai AIR Kodaikanal FM Rainbow Mumbai FM Gold Mumbai
8 AIR Madurai FM Gold Mumbai AIR Calicut   AIR Shimla
9 AIR Tiruchirappalli FM AIR News 24×7 AIR Kannur    
10 AIR Coimbatore FM Rainbow Lucknow AIR Chennai Rainbow    

NewsOnAir Stream-wise Country Ranking (Rest of the World)

# Vividh Bharati National AIR Odia AIR Kochi FM Rainbow AIR Punjabi AIR Manjeri
1 United Kingdom Australia United Kingdom Finland Belgium
2 United States Ireland United Arab Emirates Ireland Saudi Arabia
3 Ireland Finland United States Serbia United Arab Emirates
4 Australia   Oman Pakistan United States
5 Canada   Saudi Arabia Malaysia Kuwait
6 Nepal   Kuwait United States Bahrain
7 Italy   Qatar   Oman
8 Pakistan   Bahrain   Qatar
9 United Arab Emirates   Singapore    
10 Saudi Arabia        


# AIR News 24×7 AIR Kerala FM Gold Mumbai AIR Chennai Rainbow AIR Pune
1 Kenya Ireland Fiji Japan United States
2 Qatar United Arab Emirates United States Singapore Malawi
3 Pakistan Saudi Arabia Australia Kuwait United Arab Emirates
4 Nepal Oman Pakistan United Arab Emirates Singapore
5 Bahrain Kuwait New Zealand Saudi Arabia Qatar
6 Netherlands Qatar United Kingdom Malaysia United Kingdom
7 France Bahrain Saudi Arabia France New Zealand
8 Czech Republic Maldives United Arab Emirates United States  
9 United Kingdom United Kingdom Oman United Kingdom  
10   United States Canada Oman

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