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NewsOnAir listenership rose by 2 Million in December 2021

For the first time ever in the world of Radio, listenership is being quantified in absolute numbers, by Prasar Bharati Audience Research team. Listenership of All India Radio live-streams on NewsOnAir App has seen a jump of 2 Million within a span of one month. 18 Million listeners tuned into NewsOnAir App in December 2021, while the figure for November was 16 Million.

In City-wise monthly listenership measurement of All India Radio live-streams on NewsOnAir App, listenership in Pune, Bengaluru, Indore and Nagpur are in Millions, while Patna, Lucknow and Delhi NCR are close to a Million.

In the latest Rankings of top cities in India where All India Radio Live-streams on NewsOnAir App are most popular, Jaipur has made a comeback by displacing Ernakulam from the top list.

In major changes in rankings of top AIR Streams in India, FM Rainbow Mumbai has found its way back in top 10, while AIR News 24*7 has slipped off the list. AIR Pune has climbed up the ladder from 9th to 3rd spot, while AIR Malayalam slides down to 7th from 3rd rank.

More than 240 Radio Services of All India Radio are live-streamed on NewsOnAir App, Prasar Bharati’s official App. These All India Radio Streams on NewsOnAir App have a large number of listeners not just in India, but globally, in more than 85 countries across the globe.

Take a look at the top Cities in India where All India Radio live-streams on NewsOnAir App are most popular and also find below the monthly listenership in top 10 cities. You can also find the top All India Radio live-streams on NewsOnAir App in India and the city-wise breakup of the same. These rankings are based on data from December 16 to December 31, 2021.

NewsOnAir Monthly Listenership

Month Listenership
November 2021 16 Million
December 2021 18 Million

NewsOnAir Monthly Listenership in top 10 cities for December 2021

Rank City Monthly Listenership
1 Pune 1.4 Million
2 Bengaluru 1.2 Million
3 Indore 1.1 Million
4 Nagpur 1.1 Million
5 Lucknow  922.0 K
6 Patna  899.2 K
7 Delhi NCR  896.8 K
8 Hyderabad  801.3 K
9 Jaipur  715.2 K
10 Mumbai  709.2 K

NewsOnAir Top 10 Cities

Rank City
1 Pune
2 Bengaluru
3 Hyderabad
4 Delhi NCR
5 Mumbai
6 Chennai
7 Lucknow
8 Kolkata
9 Ahmedabad
10 Jaipur

NewsOnAir Top Streams in India

Rank Top Stream
1 Vividh Bharati National
2 FM Gold Delhi
3 AIR Pune
4 Asmita Mumbai
5 Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu
6 FM Rainbow Mumbai
7 AIR Malayalam
8 FM Rainbow Delhi
9 AIR Kochi FM Rainbow
10 FM Gold Mumbai

NewsOnAir Top 10 AIR Streams – City-wise (India)

# Pune Bengaluru Hyderabad Delhi NCR Mumbai
1 Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National
2 AIR Pune Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu FM Rainbow Vijayawada FM Gold Delhi Asmita Mumbai
3 Asmita Mumbai Vividh Bharati Bengaluru AIR Hyderabad FM Rainbow AIR News 24×7 FM Rainbow Mumbai
4 AIR Pune FM AIR Mysuru AIR Hyderabad VBS FM Rainbow Lucknow FM Gold Delhi
5 FM Rainbow Mumbai AIR Kannada AIR Telugu AIR Raagam FM Gold Mumbai
6 AIR Jalgaon AIR Dharwad AIR Vijayawada FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Pune
7 AIR Sangli AIR Bengaluru AIR Visakhapatnam Rainbow AIR Lucknow AIR Pune FM
8 AIR Solapur AIR Kalburgi VBS Vijayawada AIR Mathura AIR Ahmednagar
9 FM Gold Mumbai AIR Hassan AIR Visakhapatnam PC FM Gold Mumbai AIR Mumbai VBS
10 AIR Ahmednagar FM Gold Delhi AIR Hyderabad A AIR Thrissur FM Rainbow Delhi
# Chennai Lucknow Kolkata Ahmedabad Jaipur
1 Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National Vividh Bharati National
2 AIR Chennai Rainbow FM Gold Delhi AIR Kolkata Geetanjali AIR Gujrati FM Gold Delhi
3 AIR Karaikal FM Rainbow Lucknow AIR Kolkata Rainbow AIR Rajkot PC AIR Jodhpur PC
4 AIR Kodaikanal AIR Lucknow FM Gold Delhi FM Gold Delhi AIR Kota
5 AIR Tamil AIR News 24×7 AIR Kolkata Gold AIR Bhuj AIR Jaipur PC
6 Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu AIR Raagam AIR Sasaram VBS Ahmedabad AIR Suratgarh
7 AIR Chennai PC AIR Varanasi AIR Bangla AIR Surat AIR Bikaner
8 AIR Chennai VBS AIR Gorakhpur AIR Bhaderwah AIR Rajkot VBS AIR Jodhpur Rainbow
9 AIR Chennai FM Gold AIR Patna FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Vadodara AIR Churu
10 AIR Madurai AIR Faizabad AIR News 24×7 FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Udaipur PC

NewsOnAir Stream-wise City Rankings in India

# Vividh Bharati National FM Gold Delhi AIR Pune Asmita Mumbai Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu
1 Pune Delhi NCR Pune Pune Bengaluru
2 Delhi NCR Lucknow Mumbai Mumbai Mysore
3 Bengaluru Pune Bengaluru Bhopal Chennai
4 Lucknow Bengaluru Delhi NCR Ahmedabad Mangalore
5 Ahmedabad Mumbai Nagpur Bengaluru Ernakulam
6 Mumbai Kolkata Ahmedabad Thane Pune
7 Hyderabad Jaipur Indore Dombivli Hyderabad
8 Kolkata Ahmedabad Thane Nagpur Shimoga
9 Indore Hyderabad Dombivli Delhi NCR Hubli
10 Jaipur Shimla Kolhapur Kalyan Kochi
# FM Rainbow Mumbai AIR Malayalam FM Rainbow Delhi AIR Kochi FM Rainbow FM Gold Mumbai
1 Pune Ernakulam Delhi NCR Ernakulam Pune
2 Mumbai Kochi Pune Kochi Mumbai
3 Bengaluru Bengaluru Mumbai Malappuram Delhi NCR
4 Delhi NCR Trivandrum Kolkata Bengaluru Bengaluru
5 Thane Thrissur Bengaluru Chennai Lucknow
6 Kolkata Kollam Ahmedabad Thrissur Ahmedabad
7 Lucknow Chennai Akola Kottayam Jaipur
8 Ahmedabad Kozhikode Hyderabad Trivandrum Kolkata
9 Nagpur Kottayam Dehradun Kozhikode Hyderabad
10 Jaipur Mumbai Lucknow Kollam Indore


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